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Matthew’s Story

Respectful and Professional “I’ve always hated dealing with insurance companies. Cathy and Kenny were both very respectful and professional. The entire process was handled well; they did a great job.”

Before the crash, Matthew embraced Utah’s outdoors and maintained a very active lifestyle, enjoying his daily commutes to work and school on his bike. One night, Matthew was riding home from his friend’s apartment at night–a ride he had made many times before. With his headlamp on, Matthew began riding down a steep hill, gaining speed so that he could feel the wind resistance against his chest, arms, and legs. Approaching a side street, Matthew could see car headlights nearing the stop sign. Having the right-of-way, he continued coasting down the hill like usual. Suddenly, the car pulled ahead of him. He felt a sudden impact as he hit the SUV’s driver’s door, then everything faded to darkness. As a result of the crash, Matthew sustained a fractured nose, fractured orbits under both eyes, a fractured cheekbone, and cuts to his left wrist. In addition, he had lingering pain and difficulty breathing. The damage to his nose required reconstructive surgery to help him breathe normally again–the surgery alone cost almost $17,000. As a student, Matthew became overwhelmed with the sudden medical bills. He was struggling to keep up with classes and had to take time off work for the surgery and recovery. Instead of sympathy, Matthew only received more stress and frustration from the insurance company. He needed help; he needed a lawyer he could trust. That’s when he found us. Avid cyclists ourselves, we could understand what Matthew was going through, and we were grateful for the chance to give him the financial and emotional support he needed to move past the accident. In the end, we were able to obtain a $70,000 settlement that helped Matthew pay off his medical bills and compensated him for the pain, work, and opportunities he missed as a result of the accident.


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