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Megan’s Story

Couldn’t Have Asked for More “All responses from Kara and Ken were very timely and always professional in regards to my case. It has been a pleasure to work with such an outstanding law office. I couldn’t have asked for more from an attorney.”

Megan’s Accident

Before being involved in a four-car pileup, Megan enjoyed an active, physical lifestyle. But one day in December just before Christmas, Megan was rear-ended by a car moving at high-speed. The impact of the collision pushed Megan’s car into the bumper of the car ahead of her – causing that car to then collide with a fourth car as all four cars continued sliding down the road before finally coming to a stop. The multiple impacts of the accident injured Megan’s neck, back, and shoulders. For months after the accident, Megan experienced daily headaches lasting anywhere from two to twenty-four hours as well as intense neck pain from the whiplash. To make matters worse, Megan experienced bouts of dizziness and blurred vision. Simple tasks had become difficult and draining. Megan’s medical bill continued to climb, yet Megan was sometimes forced to miss work for doctors’ appointments or when the pain became too overwhelming. When Megan came into our office, we knew we could help her on her path towards physical and financial healing. We were grateful she put her trust in us and that we were able to get Megan the compensation she deserved.