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Parker’s Story

They are different and they can empathize “They just made it easy. I mean… Ken himself went through a whole traumatic experience. And I think that’s what makes him different–and Russ too. It’s that he’s been there. He knows, so he can empathize.”

Parker was 22 years old when he was involved in a crash that would change his life forever. Parker was traveling northbound on Campus Drive on his motorcycle when a maintenance truck made an improper left turn and struck his motorcycle. Parker’s left leg suffered the brunt of the collision. Parker was taken to Utah Valley Medical Center but then had to be life-flighted to Intermountain Medical Center because of the seriousness of his injuries. While there, Parker had to undergo seven surgeries on his left leg. The doctors realized that saving the leg was impossible and had to amputate. Parker was a full-time student at Utah Valley University for the fall semester when the accident happened.  Due to the accident and his injuries he was unable to attend school and had to drop all of his classes. Prior to this accident, Parker was a healthy young man with an active lifestyle.  He enjoyed such activities as snow-boarding, rock climbing, hiking and biking. Because of the loss of his leg, Parker was unable to do many of the activities he had previously enjoyed. Bills started to pile up from his hospital stays and multiple surgeries, and Parker was facing a $20,000 payment for a prosthetic leg. Parker came to us for help and we were able to get him the care that he needed. We were able to work with his medical providers in order to get him the help that he needed in order to heal and continue on with his busy life. With our help, Parker was able to go back to college and continue building his future. We were able to obtain significant compensation for Parker–$648,700–in order to pay for all of his medical and school expenses.


More Than Just Attorneys For Parker

Well, I was an active person before the accident. I just love being able to–I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie actually, to be honest. That’s why I got a motorcycle is cause I just love to chase excitement. Wherever it is: snowboarding, wakeboarding, motorcycles, hiking, biking, running. Just getting that release, it just–it’s really cool. I mean, there are obviously people that are opposite of that. And they just like to stay at home and be themselves or whatever–read books. But that’s not me. I like to get out and just do stuff. I don’t know, it just makes me feel good. So I was going to school one day. I was on my motorcycle. And then, you know, literally a block away from where I was going to park and go into class a truck just pulled an illegal left turn. And when I entered the intersection it just hit me. And I literally can’t remember flying through the air and landing. And during that whole time I was on the ground while people were scrambling and, you know, trying to put anything they had on the wound because it was gushing blood all over the road. And as they’re, you know, trying to do that, I can remember my thoughts. And I was just like, “Why?”… like, “Why is this happening to ME?” It probably was the darkest point in my whole life. And it was after I got the amputation. And I just remember I had a nurse that came in as I was in the bathroom, and I was just crying my eyes out. I just was like, “I don’t wanna go on. I want to quit. I can’t do this anymore.” That’s what I told her and she told me something that I’ll probably never forget my whole life. She said,  “Look at where you’re at right now.” And I was like, “Yeah…It sucks. Like, it’s not great.” And she’s like, “Well this is your lowest low. So now you only have one way to go, is up.”And that just stuck with me. I was like, “She’s right.” I spent a lot of time pondering and trying to help myself to grasp that my life’s not going to be the exact same that it was–it’s never going to be the exact same. And sometimes I’m actually glad it’s not because I actually grew. The accident that I had actually helped me to grow. That was the lowest part of the whole entire thing because I let it be that. I didn’t want to get that low, or even lower, again. I let that be the lowest part and I just went up from there. Good Guys Injury Law firm definitely played a big role in that. I mean, after an accident it’s a big thing. It’s a huge, huge change in your life. Especially when you have an amputation, or when you are put into a wheelchair, or whatever it may be. And so when they came along, They just made it easy. I mean Ken himself went through a whole traumatic experience. And I think that’s what makes him different–and Russ too. It’s that he’s been there. He knows, so he can empathize. And so what I would advise someone is put a lot of trust in Ken and Russ. Put a lot of trust in them that they’ll take care of you. And they’ll be there for you because they’re your friend. 100% of the way they’re your friend–they want to be there. Second, learn to just trust yourself. Trust yourself enough that you’re gonna get through it. Hold onto that little bit of hope that you’ve got left, and you’ll make it.