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Sierra’s Story

A motorcycle ride can be exhilarating! However, there are risks that come with two wheels and high speed. Especially because there is nothing protecting you from the road. It is important to wear a helmet and proper clothing while on a motorcycle, but it doesn’t completely prevent injury if an accident occurs. We received a Draper motorcycle accident case where a young lady’s life was temporarily changed.

Sierra’s Accident

Before becoming injured in a motorcycle accident, Sierra enjoyed a very active lifestyle. As a multi-talented high school athlete, Sierra participated in team sports and planned to run in an upcoming half marathon with her sister. But then the accident happened. Sierra was riding on the back of her friend’s motorcycle when he lost control, crossing into oncoming lanes of traffic and off the side of the road into a bed of large rocks, injuring Sierra in the process. Sierra’s injuries to her knees and elbows were so severe she required surgery along with weeks of treatment and recovery. As a result, Sierra had to miss weeks of school which caused her grades to drop. She could no longer work, yet the medical bills kept piling up. She needed a lawyer, but she didn’t know who to contact. That’s when we stepped in. We were grateful for the opportunity to work with Sierra and to help her manage her medical expenses and stay on top of her recovery. With her $100,000 settlement, Sierra was able to receive the treatment she needed to once again enjoy the healthy and active lifestyle she loves.

Draper Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When you are apart of an accident that was not your fault, the process is not typically easy. Especially when you know or are friends with the other person involved. You may feel uncomfortable seeking compensation for your sustained injuries. We can assure you that you are not in the wrong if you were injured and need money to pay for medical bills, lost wage, and pain and suffering. The Draper motorcycle accident was one of many we have taken into our hands and made a positive outcome. Image copy right to H Matthew Howarth