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Steven’s Story

No Money out of Pocket “Russ always responded to my messages and kept me informed. He did an outstanding job making sure my medical expenses were taken care of without money out of my pocket. The best part was not having to deal with the insurance company.”

Steven’s Accident

Steven was slowing to a near stop by a construction zone when a negligent driver slammed into the back of his car at high speed. The driver had been busy texting–completely unaware of the slowdown in traffic. The impact totaled Steven’s car. He suffered injuries to his neck and shoulder–injuries that caused intense and persistent pain. Before being involved in the rear-end collision, Steven had enjoyed an active lifestyle full of playing sports and rafting. But after the accident, Steven could no longer enjoy those same activities. In addition, his medical payments were in the thousands, and he wasn’t looking forward to working with the insurance company. He decided to give us a call. Because Steven called us, we were able to negotiate with the insurance company and save Steven a considerable amount of stress while he focused on healing. We also received a generous settlement for Steven.