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Omar’s Story

The settlement not only kept the insurance company honest, but it also made a tremendous difference in Omar’s and his family’s lives.

Omar came to us after having been involved in a serious accident. He was stopped at a stop light in Salt Lake City at a busy intersection when,  out of nowhere he was slammed into from behind. He was hit by a commercial vehicle driven by an inexperienced driver who wasn’t paying attention. Omar was hit so violently that he was pushed into the car in front of him and his car was totaled as a result of the accident. And when he was hit, his knee struck the dashboard in front of him and  tore up the cartilage in his knee.

The insurance company wanted a quick settlement after his accident, but Omar and his wife  took the time to sit down and meet with us and discuss their legal options. And it’s a good thing he waited. He ended up needing  multiple knee surgeries and after the second surgery the insurance company again wanted a quick settlement, but we decided that wasn’t right for him.

Many personal injury firms would have happily accepted the insurance company’s offer after his surgeries, but what we learned from meeting with Omar and his wife was that he was still having a number of difficulties. Omar worked doing stucco and he would have to climb up and down scaffolding every day and  he was still having a lot of problems with his knee. So we went and met with his surgeon who told us that the symptoms that Omar was experiencing weren’t uncommon, that he was likely going to have those in the future, and, in fact, he was going to need a knee replacement down the road.

Ultimately we were able to settle with the insurance companies for $400,000 which included the future knee replacement, the lost wages, and also compensation for the pain and suffering he had endured up until the time of the settlement, as well as into the future.

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