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Vanlong’s Story

Fast and Met All Expectations
“After hearing a lot of good things about Good Guys Injury Law from my sister, I decided to have them represent me in my car accident case. They were fast on the case and met all my expectations.”

Unfortunate Utah Accidents

I- 215 is a fast speed highway where unfortunately, many Utah accidents occur. As drivers we may pass by such accidents, and be grateful that such an event didn’t happen to us. However, unexpected accidents do happen and can leave the victim in pain with many expenses ahead of them.

We have heard about accidents occurring on I-215 that have resulted in deaths and serious injuries. For example, there was a Utah accident that occurred where a Utah Highway Patrol trooper was traveling north on I-215 when he saw a car turn around against traffic through his rearview mirror. Within minutes the car had taken the ramp to I-215, driving east in westbound lanes and crashed head-on into a Toyota. The at fault driver was killed instantly.

Utah Accidents Occur Too Often

Unfortunate Utah accidents occur too often, especially when people are in a hurry to get from point A to point B. There is no guarantee that during our busy schedules. going to and from work, school and activities that someone could cause an accident, leaving you in a difficult situation.  At Good Guys Injury Law, we will generate the compensation you deserve so you can get back to your life. We were able to help Vanlong, who was in an accident on I -215. Read his experience below.

Vanlong’s Accident

Vanlong was driving along I-215 with his sister when his car was rear-ended, leaving him with a damaged bumper as well as reoccurring neck, back, and shoulder pain. The pain kept Vanlong from enjoying some of his favorite hobbies, limiting his physical activity and range of motion. Vanlong’s injuries required x-rays, doctor’s appointments, and chiropractic care–medical expenses that quickly grew into the thousands.

Luckily, Vanlong’s sister recommended him to Good Guys Injury Law. We were grateful for the opportunity to help Vanlong on his path to recovery. In the end, we were able to obtain for them an $8,928 settlement that covered Vanlong’s medical expenses, the damage to his car, and the lost opportunities he experienced due to his injuries.

If you or a loved one has found yourself in a similar place as Vanlong, the best decision you can make is to meet us for a free consultation. We can help you navigate your way through this difficult and unexpected time.

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