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At Christensen & Hymas, we work and live by the values of integrity and compassion. Because of this, we respect the moral integrity and courage of “whistleblowers”–those who are willing to stand up against fraud, corruption, and corporate wrongdoing no matter what the cost. If you know of illegal and unethical practices going on in your workplace, please don’t stay silent.

Call our attorneys and we can help right the corruption and find justice before others come to physical or financial harm. We are here to help you and to protect those who could become victims of fraud and corporate wrongdoing.

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Has the company you worked for asked you to falsify research to help their interests? Do you know of bribery or underhanded dealings with law-enforcement officers? Is the nursing home you work for overbilling Medicare for care that is not being provided? Then please, contact us today and we can assess your situation and explain your legal rights and options.

Or, for more information about Utah laws and the rights of whistleblowers, check out these great resources.

Whistleblower FAQs

When should I consider turning over information about my company’s illegal actions? Will I be protected if I decide to speak up against corporate or political wrongdoing? Will I be rewarded for giving helpful information? Learn the answers to these questions and more by clicking the link above.

Everything You Need to Know About Whistleblower Laws

Think about all of the different jobs that exist in the United States. Now think about all of the ways those jobs could go wrong or become tainted by corruption. It seems impossible, right? That’s why laws surrounding the treatment of whistleblowers can often be complex and confusing–they have to cover so many scenarios and situations. Because of this, we’ve tried to summarize and simplify everything you need to know about whistleblower laws so you can better understand your rights and protection.

Whistleblower Cases by the Numbers

Every year, well over 2,000 whistleblower cases are filed in the United States. The vast majority of these are dismissed, though quite a few are settled without going to trial. Learn more about types of whistleblower claims and past success by looking into the facts and figures of whistleblower cases.

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