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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Car Accident Lawyers Serving American Fork, UT

Situated at the base of Mount Timpanogos, American Fork is a rapidly growing community located in the northern tip of Utah County. Unfortunately, American Fork has a car accident rate that is significantly higher than the average for the state of Utah. According to research conducted by the Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS), there were 641 traffic accidents in American Fork in 2015. On a population-adjusted basis, this means that American Fork ranked 23rd in the greatest number of car accidents out of the state’s 95 total jurisdictions.

Injured auto accident victims need full and fair financial compensation for their damages. After a major crash, you need coverage for your medical care, payment for your lost wages, and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Sadly, the large insurance carriers generally make it frustratingly difficult to get a fair recovery. At Christensen & Hymas, our top-rated American Fork car accident attorneys are committed to fighting for the rights of injured victims. If you were hurt in an auto accident in American Fork, please contact our law firm today for a free case evaluation.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Motor vehicle collisions vary widely, both in their cause and in their severity. It is not always easy to understand the effects of a crash merely by looking at the resulting vehicle damages. Indeed, people sometimes walk away nearly unscathed from devastating crashes. At the same time, others sustain severe injuries in accidents that seemingly appear to be relatively minor. Our American Fork car accident attorneys have handled Utah County car accidents involving virtually every type of injury. Some of the most notable examples include:

  • Broken and fractured bones;
  • Joint damage;
  • Torn ligaments;
  • Whiplash;
  • Nerve damage;
  • Internal organ damage;
  • Internal bleeding;
  • Facial injuries;
  • Mouth injuries;
  • Concussions;
  • Brain injuries;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Spinal cord injuries; and
  • Psychological trauma.

The Utah Statute of Limitations

Under Utah law, you have up to four years from the date of your accident to file your personal injury claim. If you fail to take action in four years, the court will likely refuse to hear your case at all. Utah has one of the longest statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits in the entire country. Many of the other states only give victims two years to bring their personal injury claim.

That being said, it is in your best interests to initiate your personal injury case as soon as possible after your American Fork car accident. The longer you take to start your claim, the more likely it is that you will have difficulty getting the evidence that you need. In addition, you will be forced to wait longer to get the financial compensation that you are owed.

How to Prove Liability for a Car Accident in Utah

No-Fault Car Accident Claims
Unlike the majority of American states, Utah has a partial ‘no-fault’ auto insurance system. Under state law, all motorists must purchase a personal injury protection (PIP) plan. You should have a minimum of $3,000 in PIP coverage. The first $3,000 worth of injury-related damages will be recovered against this insurance policy. In fact, if you sustained less than $3,000 in total personal injury damages in a car accident, then you only have a ‘no-fault’ auto accident claim. Your exclusive right to recover financial compensation is against your own insurance policy. It does not matter that another driver was to blame for causing the collision.

Car Accident Injury Lawsuits
Of course, $3,000 is not a particularly high threshold. Medical treatment is expensive in Utah. If you or a family member sustained more than $3,000 in injury-related damages, then you can bring a car accident injury lawsuit against the responsible party. This lawsuit will be brought under Utah’s comparative negligence legal standard (U.C.A. § 78B-5-818). In this situation, you should always be represented by a skilled American Fork car accident lawyer. Winning a car accident injury lawsuit is complex. You will want to have a qualified legal advocate in your corner. Our American Fork car accident lawyers will help you assemble the strongest possible legal case so that you can hold the negligent party legally liable for your injuries.

You Deserve Fair Compensation

Once you establish liability for your car accident, your claim will move on to the issue of damages. Under Utah law, you can only recover compensation to the extent that you can prove your losses. This is an incredibly important part of the car accident claims process. Far too frequently, victims overlook the issues of damages. This is a big mistake, because insurance companies will sometimes accept liability, but will then work aggressively to limit the total value of the claim. At Christensen & Hymas, our American Fork car accident attorneys help victims fight back. In your verdict or settlement offer, you may be able to get money for:

  • Automobile repairs;
  • Emergency medical costs;
  • Ongoing medical treatment;
  • Required medical equipment;
  • Medication costs;
  • Rehabilitative care;
  • Lost wages;
  • Loss of economic opportunities;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Loss of limb; and
  • The wrongful death of a family member.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

Injured victims want the best attorney to handle their claim, but many people are also worried about the cost of obtaining top-quality legal representation. Fortunately, this is not at issue with Christensen & Hymas. Our experienced American Fork car accident attorneys handle claim using contingency fee agreements. We get paid as a percentage of your settlement offer or jury verdict. There will never be any upfront costs for you. If we do not win your case, then we do not get paid.

Contact Our Car Accident Lawyers in American Fork Today

At Christensen & Hymas, our American Fork, UT car accident lawyers are committed to providing top quality legal representation to injured victims in Utah County. If you or a loved one was hurt in a motor vehicle crash, our legal team can help. For a free, no strings attached review of your case, please contact us today at (801) 396-9303.