Bicyclists whose mounts have been waiting out the winter patiently will need no excuse to take to the streets on their bipedalled friends once again, now that the weather has warmed.  Yet, for those who still haven’t stretched out their wheels, here is a good excuse to do just that:  May is Utah Bike Month!  Unfortunately, registration for Utah’s Road Respect Tour closed in March (make a note for next year!); but all is not lost for those still looking for ways to get themselves and their bicycle involved this summer:  the 8th most bicycle-friendly state in the Union has still more planned for bicyclists of all skill levels.  To take advantage of Bike Month’s activities, read on:

1.  Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah

The Tour of Utah is a professional bicycle race that runs from August 6th to 11th, covering ground in Brian Head, Richfield, Cedar City, and many other beautiful Utah locations.  Although the race is not yet a decade-old tradition, it has attracted attention worldwide and even enough prestige to warrant news  coverage:  The Fox Sports Network will be covering the 2013 race and broadcasting 18 hours of their coverage throughout the United States.  Unfortunately, unless you are a member of a bicycling team that received an invitation to compete, you may not enter the race.  However, those wanting to volunteer as a course marshal, radio operator, etc. may do so by filling out this form on the Tour of Utah website.

2.  The Ultimate Challenge

The same people who make the Tour of Utah possible have also opened  up a non-competitive event for amateur bicyclists called The Ultimate Challenge.  This year, the Challenge will be held on August 10th, hours before the Ride of Utah comes to a close along the same route.  Participants may ride the full 100 miles complete with some 10,000 feet of climbing or opt for one of the less demanding options.  Online registration is open to everyone (even non-U.S. citizens) until August 5th.

3.  Utah Bike Week

Utah Bike Week starts on Tuesday, May 14th at 7:30 a.m, at which time the festivities will commence with a 3-mile bicycle ride from the County Courthouse.  May 14th is also Provo’s Bike to Work Day, followed by Springville’s, Orem’s, and Ogden’s Bike to Work Days on the 15th, 16th, and 17th.  The weeklong tribute to the bicycling community will include free food, drawings for bicycles and accessories, tune-ups, live music, bicycle accident prevention tips, and more.

All of these events are just catalysts to the myriad possible bicycling excursions this year may hold.  Utah’s many bike trails, bicycle-friendly roadways, etc. offer plentiful options to those hankering to warm up the wheels.  However, these options are also potential opportunities for harm.  If you or a loved one take a spill because of unsafe roads or unsafe driver behavior, Christensen & Hymas offers free resources (whether an initial consultation or a complementary booklet).  If you think you may have a case for greater compensation than you are offered, call (801) 506-0800.

Image courtesy of Sidvics