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Last Modified: January 4, 2023

5 Characteristics of a Competent Personal Injury Attorney

Published on December 3, 2012 • Last updated January 4, 2023 by Ken Christensen
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The first thing the lay person notices when beginning an online search of personal injury attorneys is a profound difficulty in processing and condensing all the information they come across.  Since most of what is said about them is said by the attorneys, themselves on their own sites, it takes skill to determine which attorneys stand above the rest and which ones just know how to present themselves as though they do.  While a well-structured website with crisp, smiling photographs can’t be a bad sign, a firm’s image alone cannot tell you about their track record—it only reveals the skill of their marketing department.

Discovering which attorneys offer the most stellar service requires a look at the subtleties in their online presence, in interpreting the information given and the manner in which it is shown, and in doing outside research.  Here are some signs that a personal injury attorney has the prowess to back up their persona:

1. They boast a long list of testimonials.

A wealth of testimonials may disclose several things about the attorney who attains them:  Firstly, it indicates that they have a history of doing well for their clients.  Ruling out the possibility that the testimonials are actually fabricated, testimonials provide evidence that the attorney(s) are adept at procuring compensation for those they serve, and that those people were satisfied enough to proclaim that fact.  Second, a number of testimonials that corroborate one another lends credibility to each of them.  A number of people attesting to an attorney’s/firm’s professionalism is more powerful than the assertion by itself, without the backing of former patrons.  Consistency is as important as quality.  Finally, a firm that posts many testimonials considers the good opinion of their clients to be an important part of their job—and an attorney who cares about the client fulfills their duties faithfully.

2. They have experience in a wide variety of case types.

While it is possible to find an attorney who specializes in defending people in your specific situation, an attorney with a broad scope of expertise is more likely to have a broad understanding of the strategies employed by the defense.  A breadth of knowledge is the mark of the seasoned attorney.  Since no two personal injury cases are alike, a personal injury attorney who has dealt with many different kinds will have an edge, particularly in more complex cases.

3. Their firm webpage sports informative blog postings.

Many law firms post blogs on issues relevant to the personal injury field for the benefit of those doing independent research.  The quality of these blogs often reflects on the proficiency of the attorneys they represent.  The more well-researched and enlightening a firm’s blog, the more likely it is that the lawyers at that firm are, likewise, knowledgeable about their sphere.  (As a bonus, studying a firm’s blogs will probably yield an abundance of information helpful to anyone seeking compensation.)

4. They come recommended by other lawyers.

When in doubt, asking an attorney’s colleagues about their aptitude is a good policy.  Even those lawyers who work/specialize in different fields are often aware of each other and can offer insights that internet sources cannot.  For the most reliable results, ask colleagues who practice in a different geographical area or for any reason are not in direct competition with those personal injury attorneys you are making inquiries into.

5. They establish an easy rapport by exhibiting genuine compassion.

Many attorneys offer free initial consultations to those deciding whether or not they want to hire a lawyer.  A competent personal injury attorney has experience working with injured and bereaved people and knows how to connect on a personal level.  This is a part of their job, and they should know how to do it well.  An attorney who demonstrates a lack of patience or empathy with clients or prospective clients is no better than one who doesn’t understand the law.  When conducting an investigation of local attorneys, pay attention to the way they respond to you.

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