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Last Modified: January 4, 2023

5 Ways in Which a Personal Injury Attorney is Like a Sidekick

Published on February 14, 2013 • Last updated January 4, 2023 by Ken Christensen
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Booth and BonesAs evidenced by winning combinations like Sam Spade and Miles Archer, Mulder and Scully, Booth and Bones, there’s nothing quite like a classic pairing to turn two talented individuals into an unbeatable partnership of balanced capabilities and personalities.  While one may falter or miss vital elements, the other can offset their omissions.  A job that would overwhelm a single person becomes doable.

In a similar way, a personal injury attorney can provide invaluable assistance to the victim of a serious injury.  Whereas an injured person dealing with encroaching expenses and medical treatment is likely to be distraught, a personal injury attorney who knows what to expect and how to deal with it is collected and proactive.

Most of the time, even an injury serious enough to warrant a lawyer will not end in actual litigation.  If it does, however, here are some ways in which a personal injury attorney proves useful:

1. They see you through to the end.

When Frodo Baggins, the hero of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is overcome by weariness on the last leg of his journey to destroy the One Ring (which weighs heavily upon a chain around his neck) he is ultimately sustained by the unflagging loyalty of his companion, Sam.  At a point when Frodo’s strength fails him utterly, Sam famously responds by saying, “I can’t carry [your burden] for you, but I can carry you.”

Under the pressure of a serious injury, everyone can benefit from moral support.  The injured person trying to make ends meet may feel alone and anxious.  However, the aid of a skilled ally alleviates the torment of battling obstacles alone.

2. They keep you grounded.

Sherlock Holmes, the world’s most renowned [fictional] detective, is characterized by obsessive attention to detail, flawless deduction, and his partner, Dr. Watson.  Holmes’s detached rationality and engrossment in his various enterprises would run away with him if Watson did not recall him to reality with his Victorian sensibilities.

Likewise, the process of wrangling with legal provisions coupled with the injury itself feels surreal and disorienting for many people.  It’s easy to get lost in a struggle upon which so much is hanging; but total absorption in the claims process is mentally and emotionally draining.  The quest for compensation does not have to occupy your every thought:  When the injury victim has a personal injury attorney, the added help lessens their distress and keeps them from getting carried away in their undertaking.

3. They keeps a clear head.

When you feel you’ve been wronged, but others do not agree, it is only natural to become overwrought.  However, losing your temper will do you no favors; you need your presence of mind on hand.  This is why it’s important to have a clearheaded partner like Star Trek‘s Spock to keep you focused on the facts.  Like Spock, a personal injury attorney will have an objective view of the situation and, therefore, be able to assess the right course of action free of confounding emotions.

4. They provide practical assistance.

While a personal injury attorney can impart knowledge and support, you may not merely hand off the claim to them.  You will still need to be involved in the process.  Still, a personal injury attorney can act as the Robin to your Batman by keeping you apprised of important information and deadlines.  In filing a claim, you will have a lot to remember and keep track of.  With a watchful personal injury attorney as your wing man (or woman), you can at least be sure that someone always has your back.

5. They absorb blows.

While the elderly and mildly delusional Don Quixote scours La Mancha for foes to frustrate, it is often his “squire,” Sancho Panza, who takes the lashes for his blunders (“forgetting” to pay innkeepers, meddling, etc.).  In much the same way that Sancho shields Don Quixote from the consequences of his oversights,  a personal injury attorney mediates between two parties in conflict so that their client doesn’t have to endure potentially hostile/intimidating circumstances.  In a possibly explosive context, it is sometimes best to send in a proxy.

The decision to hire a personal injury attorney is sometimes as perplexing as the policy upon which the claim is based.  However, if you call Good Guys Injury Law at (801) 506-0800, you may consult with an experienced attorney about your case free of charge.  Or, if you prefer, you can request a free booklet at 1-800-LAW-BOOK or at

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