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Being attacked by a dog is scarring. It can be tempting to try to forget about the event, distancing yourself from the trauma. You may feel bad about filing a report and pursuing compensation because you don’t want the dog and its owner to get in trouble, but remember it is your responsibility to report the attack for the sake of others who might be exposed to the same danger. Whether or not you choose to pursue a settlement with a lawyer, it is extremely important to document your injuries immediately and thoroughly. This information will make or break your case.

A dog bite claim can take several months or even years to resolve. Your case is largely dependent upon the severity of the injury, but naturally, injuries heal and you get better. Having accurate information, pictures, and documentation from the time of the attack will be concrete proof of the physical and emotional damage that was caused to you. Do not wait to gather it.

Take Pictures

As stated above, your case is dependent upon the severity of your injuries. Taking pictures immediately and frequently after the attack is the primary evidence in proving the level of damage.

  • Do not wait to take pictures, as your wounds could heal more quickly than you realize.
  • Take pictures throughout the healing process. Document the scarring and disfigurement caused by the bite.

Insurance companies may try to dispute the severity of your injury if you do not have photographic evidence. So just take pictures!  Having this evidence will impact the amount of compensation you receive from your claim.

Make a File

The legal process can often be slow. If you hire an experienced lawyer, they will help you through it, making sure things run smoothly. But it is important no matter what to keep a personal file for yourself. Our memories fail us. And having this information will be necessary for your case and for the insurance company. In your file you should include:

  • An account of your attack: Write a detailed account of your attack immediately following the incident. It will be fresh in your mind.
  • Medical records and bills
  • Photos of the injury
  • Frequent photos of the injury during the healing process
  • Insurance paperwork. (Correspondence with the Insurance companies.)
  • Contact information of witnesses and dog owner
  • Investigation reports

Failing to document your injuries will negatively affect your case. As experienced Utah Lawyers, we have handled numerous dog bite claims to help people receive compensation. We want you to get better and feel safe.

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