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Last Modified: December 30, 2022

Car Accident Victim Andraya Nelson gets Victory in Court Case

Published on April 27, 2012 • Last updated December 30, 2022 by Ken Christensen
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Andraya Nelson

Utah Personal Injury Attorney

For some accident victims, compensation for injuries suffered can be a longtime coming.  For Andraya Nelson, it took three long years.  The Christensen Law Firm battled an insurance company in court who argued Andraya’s injuries were less significant than claimed.  It was only after a long drawn out process that her case was able to come to a close, with an ultimate victory going to Andraya.  Even though she did come out on top, this case ended up being not only about her and her needs, but it set a precedent for other accident victims whose court judgments exceed the guilty party’s insurance policy limit.


Andraya Nelson and her fiancée’s lives were dramatically altered when another driver swerved in front of their car, causing a major accident.  Both Andraya and her fiancée were taken to the hospital with significant injuries.   After hospital visits, chronic back pain persisted.  The court case has on record that she was limited by her injuries at school and at home, and her capabilities in general have been significantly diminished due to this terrible accident.  She sought out the Christensen Law Firm to help her get the compensation for these lost or otherwise restricted abilities.  After three long years, a judge was able to see Andraya’s need for compensation.   The judge awarded her with more compensation than the at-fault-party’s insurance policy limit.  The recognition of her physical and mental suffering by the financial payout the judge awarded has set a precedent for other victims like Andraya.  It is now easier for other judgments to award compensation that may exceed the insurance policy limit of drivers.

Accident victims are often left undercompensated by insurance companies, which can lead to unpaid bills or even loss of medical treatment.  That is very like what would have happened to Andraya Nelson had she not recruited the staff at the Christensen Law Firm for help.

Fortunately, I was well aware of certain tactics insurance agencies employ in order to get their clients to settle for less.  In fact, an article published by the American Lawyer Academy said insurance agencies regularly employ tactics that make the process of getting compensation so complex that their clients simply give up on pursuing adequate compensation.

To look at both sides of the coin, that is how insurance companies stay in business; they are trying to cut their costs to maximize their profits. It is in their best interest to start with a low settlement amount and work their way to a higher amount, unless forced to pay more by court order.

Andraya’s and other victims’ needs should be met no matter how insurance companies choose to stay in business. This particular case went to trial and the outcome was ultimately determined by a judge who heard both sides.

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