Smart phones have become an essential part of human lifestyle across continents and regardless of economic status: both a big time CEO in a New York skyscraper and the local seafood dealer in a small village in Cambodia might manage their daily schedule with the same smart phone model. However, as a cell phone owner you probably heard, with some skepticism,  about the horror stories of these amazing pieces of technology exploding, and wondered if they were true. So, do smartphones really explode?

Occasionally, yes. Although that might sound scary, we should mention that it hardly ever happens, and it usually happens in very unique situations that you might never see. However, if you are still concerned that your beloved mobile device might attempt to kill you, here are a few things to avoid doing.

3 Ways To Avoid Cell Phone Explosion

1 – Don’t stab your phone

Most, if not all smart phone explosion cases, are caused by the battery. When stabbed and exposed, the chemicals inside the battery tend to become unstable and combust in quite flashy explosions. Keep sharp objects away from your phone.

2 – Don’t sit on your exposed battery

Again, the batteries are very sensitive. Many cases have been reported of people sitting on their spare batteries outside their phones, only to find their back end on fire. Avoid any situations that might put pressure or bend your battery.

3 – Don’t use your phone while charging

This is especially dangerous if you are using a cheap knock off battery battery you bought online. When you use your phone while charging you make it difficult for the phone to manage the amount of power being used and the amount being stored, causing some motherboard components, and consequently the battery, to explode.

If you have been hurt as a result of a cell phone explosion, give us all call so we can help you get the compensation you need to recover your loss, pay for your medical bills, and get time to recover.