changing sleep schedule

We all need sleep. A solid sleep schedule is one of the most important and healthy habits to keep. However, sometimes you just can’t seem to relax enough to get the rest you need. Daylight savings time can make this problem even worse. If you are experiencing insomnia or restlessness during a changing sleep schedule, there are some steps that may help. This post identifies some of the potential ways you can take on sleep trouble.

Combating Insomnia During a Changing Sleep Schedule

While there are many potential causes for sleep problems, some simple adjustments may help solve them. Try these tips to see if any of them work for you.

  • Exercise in the morning or during the day
  • Avoid naps, especially in the evening or night-time
  • Avoid or reduce caffeine intake
  • Don’t drink alcohol at night
  • Keep a consistent bed time
  • Avoid large meals late at night
  • Keep your sleeping area quiet, dark, and comfortable

These are just some lifestyle changes that may positively impact your changing sleep schedule. Of course, different steps will work for different people. If you have ideas or personal habits that help you sleep, leave a comment and let us know!

Relaxation Techniques

Stress is a common factor that can disrupt your sleep schedule. Along with following the above tips, try to reduce stress before you go to bed.

  • Write your worries or stresses down, so that your mind can relax
  • Read a book or take a bath/shower. Habits like these can help get you in right frame of mind for sleep.
  • Avoid watching TV or using a computer right before you go to bed
  • Hide your clock
  • Listen to relaxing music

Drowsiness Can Lead to Accidents and Injuries

Sleep trouble may seem harmless, but it can quickly affect other aspects of your life. For example, drowsy driving is one of the most dangerous behaviors around. If you are injured by a drowsy driver in a car accident, you may be eligible for compensation in an accident case.

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