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Last Modified: December 30, 2022

Dear Motorist Video Changes Lives

Published on January 13, 2014 • Last updated December 30, 2022 by Ken Christensen
Topics: Bicycle Accidents, Distracted Driving


The Dear Motorist Video was released on December 4, 2013 and has begun changing lives and saving lives.  The video has garnered over 120,000 views and is climbing daily with thousands of shares and likes via social media.  The video highlights the love cyclists share for taking their bike out on a ride; the adrenaline and wonder of climbing through a canyon or down a trail all while reminding everyone of the fatalities and dangers associated with such a sport.

Originally produced by Endevr, a sports and workout technology brand, the video explains to motorists why they need to slow down and reminds everyone —cyclists included— that sharing the road is a team effort.  The video is a heartfelt appeal to motorists, that makes it clear that it’s everyone’s responsibility to prevent traffic fatalities.

Cyclist Fatalities


The video highlights the relationship between cyclists and drivers and the fatalities that are created on American roads every year from cyclists being hit.  Reports show that in the last ten years nearly 7,000 cyclists have been killed in motorist accidents; many of which are caused by the motorist’s failure or inability to see the cyclist.

The death of a cyclist is tragic since it does not just affect the cyclist but the lives of their families, friends, children, and co-workers.  The video elegantly points out that we all know a cyclist, even if we aren’t one ourselves, who has almost been hit or bumped by an impatient driver.  We have most likely been that impatient driver who is frustrated by sharing the road with a cyclist in the way.

While we may be frustrated, the video reminds us all that it only takes a second more of our time to become aware of the cyclist and make appropriate changes or adjustments in our driving to keep them safe. Slowing down, giving them more room, and being cautious around blind corners or busy streets will ultimately help contribute to less cyclists being killed.

None of us are invincible and thinking that it will always happen to someone else is the wrong attitude to have.  Accidents are tragic because fatalities are everyone’s worst fear, especially if the fatality is the fault of a distracted driver.  Those left behind inevitably feel that their loved one’s death was preventable and, for many people, there will be no escape from the memory of the accident.

No one wants to be the driver who kills another person because they were distracted and in a hurry.  The good news is these traumatic events can be solved with more awareness and education. The more teamwork we can foster between motorists and cyclists, the safer our roads will become.

The Art of Teamwork

Sharing the road doesn’t have to be a frustrating or annoying experience for the motorist or the cyclist.  In the video, cyclists pledge to take steps to be more visible and more understanding of motorists.  Many of the cyclists featured are also motorists, so they understand the frustrations that a driver faces.

In the video, motorists pledge to be more aware and less selfish with the road. They pledge to slow down and look around the corners for cyclists. To be more understanding of cyclists and not to see them as a nuisance and to limit distractions and drive cautiously.  There is nothing that will happen that will ruin your driving experience by becoming more aware of a cyclist.

Both parties are simply trying to enjoy their lives, to get where they need to go. Both parties have loved ones who are waiting for them to get home, especially during the holidays.  Both parties want the safest outcomes.  Both parties are mothers and fathers with children, or co-workers and friends.  Both parties can take the time to be cautious and aware to prevent fatalities.

Saving Lives

The video reminds us to respect each other on the road.  Save lives by taking the time to remember that the person behind the wheel or handlebars is a fellow human.  It only takes a little more education and awareness to save lives.  By sharing the video you pledge to help save lives and create more awareness for the road.  You share the burden and the goal of creating a society where there are less cyclist fatalities and more patience and understanding.

We at Good Guys Injury Law pledge to be more aware of cyclists.  Preventing accidents on the road will only take a few minutes out of your day, so take the time to prevent accidents on the road. With a little patience and education, many lives can be saved.  As a community, we can create a future with few roadway fatalities where motorists and cyclists can share the road in a spirit of camaraderie.

If you have experienced a cycling accident and do not know where to turn, understand that we can help you through this trying time. Contact us for more information regarding what you can do if you’ve been wrongfully injured.

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