faulty medical devices can cause serious problems

Hospitals should be some of the safest places around. After all, we go there when we are struggling, injured, and often at our most vulnerable. Unfortunately, injuries sometimes occur within the walls of hospitals. Faulty medical devices are often the cause of these injuries, leaving patients in worse shape after treatment than before. The FDA recently cited twelve well-known hospitals for failing to report patient deaths. In this post, we’ll outline what you need to know about faulty medical devices and the risks they pose.

The Dangers of Faulty Medical Devices

The most common culprit in these recent cases is a specific type of scope. Doctors insert these flexible tubes through the mouth and into the intestines to diagnose diseases. Contaminated scopes spread serious infections which have killed at least 35 people since 2013.

Other recent stories about faulty medical devices warn about the risks power morcellators. Doctors use these devices to perform hysterectomies. Researchers link them to cancer in the pelvis and abdomen. Open-heart surgery tools like heater cooler units are another potentially dangerous device. Many patients experience infections when doctors use these tools.

FDA citations will hopefully lead to improvements in these medical devices and greater hospital safety measures. While none of the hospitals cited for using these faulty devices are located in Utah, there is always risk involved in invasive surgeries.

Utah Medical Malpractice Lawyers

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