Teachers Amy Grgich and Darren Hirsche

Win the Golden Apple Award

The Christensen Law Firm Gives $100 Gift Card For Classroom Supplies


March 12, 2012, Draper, UT – The School Supplies Gift Program, sponsored by Utah-based Christensen Law Firm, is pleased to announce that Mrs. Amy Grgich, a Kindergarten teacher at Stansbury Park Elementary, and Mr. Darren Hirsche, a social studies teacher at Provo High School, are the next recipients of the Golden Apple Award.

Mrs. Grgich, or Mrs. G, as her students know her, was recruited from Minnesota to come to Utah to teach kindergarten.  She has been at Stansbury Park Elementary for four years.  Currently, she teaches 50 students each day.  This high number of students can be a challenge but she is aided by as many as 15 mothers who come to class and participate in activities such as “centers, reading, writing, projects, or just working one on one with a student.”  Mrs. G said, “[I] couldn’t do what I do without the help of my wonderful parents!”

A few comments from Mrs. Grgich’s nominators include: “Mrs. Grgich is an enthusiastic, caring, creative teacher”; “she has high expectations and cares deeply for all her students”; “she knows just how to speak to the little ones and makes them enjoy learning.”  These comments truly show how special she is.  She said that she would put the $100 gift card to use by buying “oil pastel crayons” for art projects.  Art history is a major part of her class and school, so with the pastel crayons she plans on helping the kids recreate classic pieces of art from the masters in order to help the children learn art and also math.

Mr. Hirsche has taught high school subjects as disparate as Geography, US History, AP Psychology, Economics, American Government, and Business Law.  After graduating from BYU in Social Studies Education, he went on to receive a Juris Doctorate from BYU”s law school.  He has been at Provo High for 18 years.  His expertise in law has enabled him to not only teach business law, but to moderate the Mock Trail Program at the school.  The program prepares students to debate on a state level, and if they are good enough, to go on to a national level.

Mr. Hirsche’s involvement goes beyond teaching in the classroom; he coaches wrestling and football as well.  The time and devotion he puts into his career and into his students’ education is commendable.  He said, “I really love being a teacher.  My favorite thing about teaching is the daily interaction with my students.”  He goes on to say that the teachers that he had as a student had a major impact on his life and he wanted to be that figure for his students.  He will put the $100 gift card to use by buying new maps and globes for his classroom.

About the School Supplies Gift Program

Ken Christensen and Russ Hymas, owners of the Christensen Law Firm, recently started the School Supplies Gift Program to help public school teachers get extra classroom supplies without having to spend their own money. Each week the program gives the Golden Apple Award, which includes a $100 OfficeMax gift card, to a deserving Utah public school teacher and his/her class. Anyone can nominate a teacher for this program, including teachers, students, parents and administrators.