how to drive safe on icy roads

Driving this time of year can be incredibly stressful. As clear as the roads may appear, there is often invisible black ice that can cause your car to slide. It is a bit of a shock to hit an icy patch and slide, but it important to stay calm and keep control. Knowledge and good driving technique will help you and your family stay safe on icy roads.

If You Slide on Icy Roads…

First of all, the best way to prevent a slide on icy roads is to drive carefully. If you feel that your car is losing control, you may be driving too fast. Slow down by braking gradually. If a situation demands rapid acceleration, braking, or turning, you may start to slide. Hereare some tips on how to safely stop a slide.

1. Don’t use the brakes

Braking is often what triggers a slide, and more braking will not get you out of it. In fact, it usually makes the situation worse. It is essential that your wheels are turning freely in order for you to safely stop a slide.

2. Turn into the slide

Turning into the slide may seem odd, but it is very helpful. Turn your wheel in the direction the back of your car is going. This means that if your car starts to slide to the right, turn the wheel to the right. Then, once the car begins to straighten out and feels stable, you can slowly ease back into your original lane.

3. Don’t panic

In order to remember these important steps, you need to maintain a clear head. When you start to slide, don’t panic. Remain calm and make slow, controlled movements.

4. Don’t over-correct

One of the most common and dangerous things that happens when someone tries to correct a slide is over-correction. If you panic and jerk the wheel too hard into the spin, the car will gain momentum and possibly go into a full spin. A spin-out can easily lead to a serious crash or collision.

Utah Car Accident Attorneys

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