Pedestrian Hit by Car While Crossing Bangerter Highway


Around 6 a.m. on August 4th, 2017, a 58 year old woman attempting to cross Bangerter Highway on 11400 South in South Jordan was struck by a vehicle going through the traffic light.

Though the woman was hospitalized, her injuries were not life threatening, but could have been much worse. South Jordan Police Sgt. Sam Winkler stated, “”We’re talking fractions of seconds could have made the difference between life and death on this. If the car would have hit her in the front she would have been dead.”

Unfortunately for the woman, the light was green, giving the vehicle the right of way. There are some concerns regarding the condition of the crosswalk at the intersection due to current construction, but it is unlikely that this had any effect on the woman’s decision to cross the highway on a green light.Auto/Pedestrian accident

Regardless of who is truly at fault, there are things to be learned from this unfortunate accident. As a pedestrian, always be aware of traffic lights and crossing signals. Only cross a street when you have the right of way. Do not attempt to quickly cross when it seems as if no cars are coming. Especially on a road like Bangerter Highway because vehicles may be traveling at high speeds and can appear seemingly out of nowhere.

This case presents a difficult predicament for both parties. Though the woman may have crossed the road without having the right of way, she still sustained substantial injuries and certainly faces a painful and perhaps expensive recovery.

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Story reported by KSL.

Photo “westbound I-80 at Bangerter Highway – exit 115 B” copyright by Garrett.