Did you know that out of our 44 U.S. presidents, 26 have practiced law in some form?  This trend of presidents studying law began with John Adams. Many have followed this pattern, including our current president. President Barack Obama practiced law from 1993-2004 at a firm that specialized in Civil Rights.  So this Presidents’ Day, let’s thank our presidents, and the occupation that made them who they were.


Before the Revolutionary War, John Adams practiced law in the Massachusetts colony.  He even defended British soldiers who had been wrongfully attacked by American colonists.  Adams shows how he upheld the law above all else, even above his personal beliefs. His son John Quincy Adams followed in his father’s footsteps by practicing law, and later becoming our sixth president.

Thomas Jefferson also practiced law before becoming president.  Jefferson is an example of how his background in law helped him represent our nation’s beliefs. As the author of the Declaration of Independence, we can clearly see how Jefferson was able to represent the people’s concerns of the time through that document.

There are a handful of other presidents that also practiced law.  Though there are several, the list includes Andrew Jackson,  Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, and Bill Clinton. Each of these men had a strong law background that prepared them for tough decisions and hard-fought battles that have benefited our country.

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Practicing law has always been important to us.

Since our before our country’s beginning, we can see how important the practice of law has been for our nation’s leaders.  A few presidents even practiced law after their service in our nation’s highest office.  This presidential pattern gives us a good idea of how our leaders looked, and still look, at the practice of law. We can see a natural transition from practicing law and serving the community, to being elected president and serving the country.

With today being Presidents’ Day, we wanted to celebrate our great presidential leaders and their background in law. Both presidents and lawyers uphold the law and protect the people’s rights. Here at Christensen & Hymas, we feel honored when we can carry on that tradition of serving our community. It’s our responsibility to help our community understand injury law.

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We enjoy answering personal injury questions because the law belongs to all of us. Happy Presidents’ Day.




Photo courtesy of the United States Government