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Last Modified: December 29, 2022

Privileges of Clients in Personal Injury Cases

Published on July 25, 2014 • Last updated December 29, 2022 by Ken Christensen
Topics: Utah Lawyer


Personal injury cases can seem complicated, daunting, and overwhelming. After you are physically or emotionally injured by another, your world is turned upside down. There are so many new questions and concerns to deal with, so many fears and uncertainties. On top of living with your injuries and working toward recovery, you will be dealing with a lengthy and difficult claims process. Our job as your legal representation is to help you receive the benefits you deserve—but we also want to make the process as simple and as understandable as possible.

At Good Guys Injury Law, we are committed to the highest possible standard in legal representation. We believe that, as our client, you have the:

  • Right to attorney-client privilege
  • Right to have your legal rights and options explained in plain English, without having to sift through confusing legal jargon
  • Right to talk to your attorney within a reasonable period of time
  • Right to expect competence from our firm and all who work here
  • Right to know the truth about your case
  • Right to be updated regularly and in a timely manner as to the progress of your case
  • Right to a fair written fee agreement with our firm
  • Right to a fair fee for the work we do
  • Right to make the ultimate decision on your case

Attorney-Client Privilege

The attorney-client privilege exists to protect the confidentiality of you as the client. The Free Legal Dictionary defines the attorney-client privilege in the following way: “In the law of evidence, a client’s privilege to refuse to disclose, and to prevent any other person from disclosing, confidential communications between the client and his or her attorney. Such privilege protects communications between attorney and client that are made for the purpose of furnishing or obtaining professional legal advice or assistance. That privilege permits an attorney refuse to testify as to communications from the client. It belongs to the client, not the attorney, and hence only the client may wave it. In federal courts, state law is applied with respect to such privilege.”

Essentially, the attorney-client privilege means that a lawyer or a member of the lawyer’s staff cannot reveal things you say or show to your lawyer. This protection encourages clients to disclose all information that may be relevant or pertinent to their case. The information is considered confidential in almost all situations, and is typically only shared for one of two reasons: 1) the court forces disclosure because they believe the classified information is necessary in order to evaluate a claim or 2) the client reveals something illegal or an attempt to do something illegal to their attorney, such as an intention to defraud or lie under oath.

The “client” in a case does not always have to be single individual. Often, corporations or companies act as a collective client in a case. In our cases and in personal injury law in general, however, individuals will serve as the client.

Attorney-Client Relationship

At Good Guys Injury Law, we greatly value our relationships with our clients. We usually only accept a small percentage of the cases that are presented to us. Our goal is to provide high-quality legal services, to resolve claims in a fair manner, and to do so as rapidly as legal requirements and responsible case preparation will permit. Because we only accept a small number of cases, we are able to more fully devote our time, energy, and resources to our clients. As a client, you are very important to us. When we decide to take your case, you become a member of the Good Guys Injury Law family.

We are strongly committed to providing you with quality, ethical legal representation. We expect you to hold our office to a high standard—and we will also hold you to a high standard. The attorney-client relationship is a two-way street, and your participation is essential.

As your legal representation, we depend on open and honest communication with you in order to fully understand your case and your legal needs. We will need you to be completely open with us, and give us as much information as you can about yourself and the circumstances surrounding your case. As we discussed earlier, all conversations and communications between you and members of our office will remain confidential, except as necessary to advocate in your case or as mandated by the court (these situations are rare).

Our office works as a team, and you are an important member of that team. The attorney assigned to your case will not do all the work on your case, but they will always be in charge and will always be directing the representation and the actions of the team members to achieve the best possible outcome for you. During this process, we welcome and encourage your constant feedback. This is, after all, your case. The best strategy comes from listening to clients explain their situation and what they know about what happened. We value the information, suggestions, and input you provide. And remember: honestly is always the best policy. Be as frank and open as possible as you meet with our team. The worst thing is for your attorney to find out crucial information too late down the road.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to the negligence of others, do not hesitate to call us today at (801) 506-0800. Every member of the Good Guys Injury Law team is devoted to providing you with excellent legal representation, and we will work with you and your family to help you recover the benefits you need to get through this difficult time.

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