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Last Modified: March 1, 2023

What Readiness Means

Published on January 4, 2023 • Last updated March 1, 2023 by Ken Christensen
Topics: Distracted Driving, Motorcycle Accidents, Utah Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

motorcycle safety equipment laying on the groundA motorcycle safety page listed the number one safety rule to “be ready: mind, body and bike”.

Mental readiness

was defined as taking the motorbike out with a clear mind and a body free of drugs or alcohol. A motorcyclist who is driving intoxicated or under the influence is surely courting trouble. Operating a motorcycle requires total focus and concentration. Do not ride your motorcycle when you have something else in your mind like problems or have high emotions that can make you drive distracted.

A motorcycle accident involving an allegedly drunk motorcyclist was labelled as “bizarre” accident. According to the report, the motorcyclist hit a truck from behind and the impact threw him into the bed of the truck. The truck driver claimed he heard the loud thud but thought that he just hit a pothole. He was unaware that he had carried an injured motorcyclist for a while. When he discovered it, he called police immediately. The motorcyclist was reported to have sustained broken arms and head injuries.

Physical preparedness

was described as having the protective gear to protect your body while riding.  Protective gear includes: a good fitting helmet, gloves, eye protection, jacket, long pants, and sturdy boots or shoes. The wearing of reflective or bright colored protective gear is recommended to increase visibility of the rider. It is also necessary that the motorcyclist is physically fit to be able to be comfortable in longer rides. Better and sharper reflexes are also associated with good health and it helps that the rider does some stretching before the ride.

A recent incident demonstrates that the importance of wearing a helmet every time a biker goes to the road. Collision between a car and a motorcycle is governed by the law of physics and smaller vehicle would always end up with the most damage. This kind of accident had happened many times before and yet we still hear of riders involved in an accident without a helmet. Please do not underestimate injuries from motorcycle accidents. The helmet when properly worn (well-fitting and suitable for motorcycle use) can help cushion your head from the impact. Traumatic brain injuries are the most devastating injuries that one can sustained from being thrown from the bike and landing on hard pavement.

Bike preparedness

was defined as maintaining the bike in good condition. The rider must have a regular bike maintenance schedule for checking and fixing parts that break. Regular maintenance should include: regular oil changes, properly adjusted controls, a properly adjusted chain and suspension, good tires, working turn signals and checking of tire pressure. A quick walk around the bike before riding could point out leaks, loose bolts, tire problems, or anything else out of place.

In addition, the rider might face legal consequences for improper riding behavior especially when that reckless behavior resulted to loss of life or inflicted injuries to another person.

Please take note of these safety reminders, for it will help make your day on the road a safer one. Accidents are just lurking around the corner, it is best to obey all traffic rules religiously and to share the road.

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