The first thing everyone says about Rebecca is her devotion to her students. From the first day she was hired, she began preparing for her 2 classes of kindergarten students. While that may not sound exceptional, when she began is. Even though classes didn’t start until August, Ms. Williams was hard at work in the early spring preparing lesson plans and creating materials. Even now she usually comes earlier than expected and stays later than her contract requires. Her principal, Ms. Louise Willoughby, states that Rebeccas is usually over prepared, and is excellent at communicating with her students on a very easy to understand level.

Ms. Williams always makes sure to involve parents so that her lessons at school can be applied by the students at home. Perhaps this is because she is an excellent mother herself, and devotes herself to her family and community when not at school.

A mother of one of her students praised another of Rebecca’s qualities. “[even] with two full classes, she still has the patience and care to treat every child with love and sweetness. All the children love her.”  It is clear that even though Rebecca has only been a teacher for a short time, her coworkers and students are very glad to have her.