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Last Modified: March 1, 2023

Safe Thanksgiving Travel

Published on November 17, 2016 • Last updated March 1, 2023 by Ken Christensen
Topics: Car Accidents, Distracted Driving

safe thanksgiving travel

At Good Guys Injury Law, we look forward to Thanksgiving every year. We cherish the opportunity to relax with our families and remember the good things in our lives. Thanksgiving is often one of the few chances many people have to visit relatives and friends in other states. Because of this, the holiday season is also travel season. Thanksgiving week features some of the most packed roads and highways of any time of year. Heavy traffic can be dangerous. As you prepare to travel for Thanksgiving, keep this in mind. This post offers tips for safe Thanksgiving travel so that you can keep your holiday joyful and accident-free.

Tips for Safe Thanksgiving Travel

Of course, you cannot protect yourself against all the potential dangers on the road, but taking these precautions will greatly reduce your risk of an accident.

  • Remain Alert

Estimates suggest that drowsy or distracted drivers cause nearly 500,000 accidents each year.  Drowsy or distracted driving is a bad idea at any time, but especially during the busy holiday season. With so many cars crowding the roads and freeways, you need to be constantly alert. Resist the temptation to look at your phone and make sure you get enough sleep the night before!

  • Practice Defensive Driving

Even if you are following all the rules of the road, other drivers probably won’t be. Drive defensively to protect yourself and any passengers traveling with you. Be aware of what drivers around you are doing, and exercise caution even when you have the right of way. Safe Thanksgiving travel is not only about avoiding accidents — it’s about preventing them.

Utah Personal Injury Lawyers

Driving always comes with certain risks, and the busy holiday season presents many of its own. Heavy traffic and reckless drivers are a dangerous combination. To ensure safe Thanksgiving travel, do your best to stay alert and drive defensively.

Unfortunately, even safe drivers experience accidents. If you are injured in a car accident, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve to cover medical costs and other damages. Good Guys Injury Law will defend your rights to your insurance company and win a settlement you deserve. Contact us today or fill out the free consultation form on this page to get started on your case.

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