Mr. Reynolds wearing a bowtie in faculty picture  Just a day before Valentine’s–Friday, February 13–Albion science teacher Matt Reynolds received an unexpected and very valuable Valentine: a $250 gift card with an award recognizing his exceptional dedication as a teacher.

Presented by Christensen & Hymas, this Golden Apple Award highlights Reynolds’ creative, daring, and occasionally even wacky teaching techniques as he does everything in his power to keep the 7th graders at Albion Middle School engaged in learning.

Using everything from frosting to cell phones, Reynolds knows how to make science unforgettable. In order to bring the microscopic into focus, Reynolds used sugar cookies and colorful frosting to help his students understand how cell parts fit together. When a student asked Reynolds how long it would take to pump all of the blood out of a body, Reynolds called up a mortician to help the class find the answer.

There’s no doubt Reynolds is dedicated to each of his students and determined to make learning not only pertinent, but fun. And there’s no doubt he’ll put the funds to good use.

About the award, Reynolds says, “I am only a second-year teacher so having some extra money for school supplies and to buy items for my classroom is very appreciated. Thank you [Christensen & Hymas] for supporting local schools by sponsoring programs like these.”

What is the Golden Apple Award?

Christensen & Hymas began their Golden Apple Award program in 2011. Since then, the firm has continued highlighting noteworthy teachers in Salt Lake County every month, providing them with $250 to spend on supplies for their students. With nearly 100 recipients so far, the Golden Apple has helped to promote teacher appreciation and better education in the community.

How Can I Nominate A Teacher?

Anyone can nominate a teacher for the Golden Apple Award.  All we need to know is why you think that teacher is so exceptional.  To nominate a teacher visit the Supplies for Success Teaching Award.