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Last Modified: December 28, 2022

5 Things to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer

Published on November 1, 2012 • Last updated December 28, 2022 by Ken Christensen
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Utah Personal Injury Lawyers Russ Hymas and Ken ChristensenA certain popular fairy tale opens with a wintertime domestic tableau of a pregnant queen sitting at her embroidery, gazing out the window at a raven perched on the windowsill while she entertains dreams of her expected child.  Utterly engrossed in her musings, she absentmindedly pricks her finger with the needle; and a drop of blood stains the fabric.  The saturated brightness of the blood juxtaposed with the stark black and white of the raven against the snowy landscape leaves a profound impression on the queen, and she declares at that moment that her child must have skin as white as snow, hair as black as a raven’s feathers, and lips as red as blood.  The queen is granted her wish and gives birth to the loveliest child in the land, whom she names “Snow White” (apparently not as creative as she is picky). There is also in our society a long-standing tradition of cataloging down to the minutest detail those traits we would want in whatever it is we may be thinking about at a given moment, be it a meal (“turkey and avocado, no bacon”), a car (“green, leather seats, capable of flight”), or a romantic partner (“must also like to have fun…and pizza”).  Like Snow White’s mother, we like to imagine having our way exactly; but we more often end up compromising on the things we want.  Most of the time, this compromise is a necessary and harmless concession—we don’t really expect to get precisely what we want.  At other times, however, you shouldn’t have to compromise or even consider it.  One matter in which you should never compromise is in finding the right personal injury lawyer in Utah. The right personal injury lawyer is not to be found as easily as a toothy prince who comes running to the rescue at the first sign of trouble.  Finding the right personal injury lawyer requires a little more legwork than that.  What then, should you look for in a legal representative when an act of recklessness or negligence has led to your injury?  Read on for the answer: 1.      Knowledge of the law It goes without saying that a personal injury lawyer should have a thorough understanding of relevant statutes—isn’t that their business?—but one should not take these things for granted.  You can test the waters by asking questions.  An attorney who is comfortable with the laws he would have to grapple with can answer your questions readily or direct you to helpful resources. They will be patient and confident, even when you get confused. Many attorneys and law firms will also post blogs on their practice areas or offer booklets and pamphlets containing information on certain types of personal injury claims freely upon request.  The quality of information you find is usually a good indicator of the quality of service that attorney would render. 2.      Knowledge of your case Attorneys of all stripes must be able to keep dozens of facts straight in order to strategically recall them when occasion requires.  A good lawyer will pay close attention to your particular situation, ask questions of their own, and verify that they have the story straight.  The greater the interest an attorney takes in your account, and the more intently they listen, the more reliable the answers they will be able to offer to whatever questions you have.  To a significant extent, you can judge the caliber of an attorney’s words by the interest he takes in your story. 3.      Experience Familiarity with the law and an ability to remember facts is, of course, extremely important.  However, it is experience in applying the law to a given case that gives an attorney the edge when it comes to negotiating a settlement or even winning over a jury if necessary.  An attorney’s track record should be examined as a predictor of future success on your behalf.  The firm or lawyer that posts testimonials on their website likely boasts greater success than one that asks you to take them on their word. 4.      Accessibility Because so much of personal injury involves keeping abreast of deadlines with insurers, the courts, etc., it is important to find an attorney you can trust to get back to you in a timely manner and to keep you updated.  Communication is key to a successful personal injury claim. 5.      Compassion Without genuine care for the client, a personal injury lawyer cannot be expected to do well for them.  A personal investment in the welfare of the injured party motivates quality work in pursuit of compensation for their damages.  A compassionate attorney will acquire the knowledge necessary to help their client. For those still on the search for the right personal injury lawyer, why not try Good Guys Injury Law?  A quick scan of the firm’s website shows that they have an outstanding track record of success, a serious commitment to those whose cases they undertake, and a number of testimonials to their competence and compassion.  Don’t settle for less than you deserve by settling for a personal injury lawyer who is less than just right.  For a free consultation, call (801) 506-0800.

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