agentine mastiffThis convoluted story begins with a dog, an Argentine Mastiff, which got off the leash and ended up in an icy lake struggling for its life.  The dog fell through thin ice, plunging into the freezing water.  It was disoriented and swam further inward towards the middle of the lake.  Luckily, local fire fighters were alerted in time and were capable of handling the rescue.  After their tremendous efforts, including one fire fighter swimming in the freezing water, the dog was rescued.

However, the story does not end there.  Apparently, the dog was filmed by 9News film crew and the footage was aired on local television that night.  The story was such a huge success and engendered so much interest, the news station decided to invite the dog and its owner on the morning show with Kyle Dyer.  This is where the story turns tragic.

The heroic fire fighters, the dog’s owner, and the dog all appeared on the show together, moderated by Kyle Dyer.  The interview was going as planned when Ms. Dyer got on her knees and accosted the dog, all the while being filmed on live TV.  Ms. Dyer was quite sweet with the dog, caressing its head and ears.  Unfortunately, she brought her face too close to the dog’s, the dog felt threatened, and bit her across her mouth and cheek.

The swift movement of the dog’s mouth and jaw changed the interview drastically; needless to say, it was over.

Kyle Dyer suffered injuries sufficient enough to necessitate a trip to the hospital, and later, she would undergo reconstructive surgery.  She did in fact return to the news station as an anchor, but only after a couple of month’s time off.  During her time off she was able to undergo a scheduled surgery on her hip.  Ultimately she did recover, but only with time and much care.

This incident has been a viral phenomenon due to the graphic dog bite caught on tape.  The Today Show on 9News will not play the video and expressed that the incident was, understandably, highly traumatic for the news crew.

As stated above, after coming back to the show, Kyle Dyer appeared on air looking well and in good health.  The grim truth is that there were no close-up shots of her in the welcoming back segment.  She did have reconstructive surgery, which helps cosmetically, but the reality is that she will never be the same.  This is both sad and maddening.

There are two sides to the story, that of the owner’s, and hers, or in other scenarios, the victim’s.

The owner has a responsibility to maintain control of the dog in all circumstances and is liable for any wrong doing the dog incurs if control is not maintained.

The victim has a responsibility to maintain a comfortable distance from and show respect to the dog.

A dog bite lawyer may have to get involved if a person gets bit by a dog due to the negligence or careless actions of its owner.  In Ms. Dyer’s case, the owner had a responsibility to warn Ms. Dyer and to ask for her to remove herself to a safe distance.  Ms. Dyer had the responsibility to maintain a safe and comfortable distance from the dog.  This scenario may very well be an example of how both parties may share responsibility if a dog bite claim were filed.

There are however, cases where the victim is simply that, a victim, someone who had no control over the circumstances of the goings-on.  In these cases, there is a greater chance of obtaining compensation for damages done by the uncontrolled dog.

In any case, it is more than likely that mounting medical bills will need to be paid.  Dog bites that occur in the face often give their victims lasting mental or emotional trauma.  The lasting costs associated with therapy can amass quickly.  A dog bite lawyer can help victims recover compensation sufficient enough to cover all future costs.

If you have been bitten by someone else’s dog due to the owner’s negligent actions, call a personal injury attorney from the Christensen Law Firm at (801) 506-0800 or click here to visit our dog bite page. You have nothing to lose!

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