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Last Modified: March 1, 2023

Utah Roads Going Green

Published on March 17, 2017 • Last updated March 1, 2023 by Ken Christensen
Topics: Being Safe in Utah (General Safety), Current Events

utah roads going green

Provo schools are taking a big step towards environmentally-friendly roads. Utah’s Department of Environmental Quality is giving $2.5 million of federal grant money to the Provo City School District, and they are putting it to use on their buses. The district believes they will be able to purchase eight low-emission buses. This is just one example of Utah roads going green.

At Good Guys Injury Law, we focus a lot on helping car accident victims, but we know that reckless driving is not the only danger on the road. Harmful emissions and pollution are serious threats, so we want to highlight some efforts to minimize their impact.

Other Utah Roads Going Green

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality is also involved in other projects around the state. Currently, they are working on implementing anti-idling technology in Tooele school buses, as well as replacing old buses in the Canyons, Grand, Jordan, and Morgan school districts.

Utah is a beautiful state, and it is important to keep our environment clean and thriving. While your kids may soon have green school buses, there are other ways you can go green on the road. Take a look at the tips below for an eco-friendly drive.

7 Tips to Keep Roads Green

These tips will help lower emissions and decrease the toxins in our air. They may seem inconvenient at first, but they are well worth the effort to keep Utah roads going green.

  • Carpool
  • Plan to accomplish all of your errands in one trip (or as many as you can)
  • Bike to work
  • Take public transportation
  • Don’t idle your car for longer than 30 seconds
  • Accelerate slowly and maintain steady speeds
  • Invest in a fuel-efficient vehicle

Obviously, not everyone is in the position to buy a hybrid or some other eco-friendly vehicle (and not everyone wants to!) But these other tips will help you minimize emissions no matter what car you drive.

Christensen and Hymas: Utah Car Accident Lawyers

While it’s good to keep an eye on the environment while you drive, it’s important to always consider safety first. Car accidents are common and often cause serious injuries. These injuries can lead to huge medical bills, and be financially devastating. Fortunately, the car accident lawyers at Good Guys Injury Law can help you get the compensation you need to cover your losses.

If you are injured in a car accident, please contact us! We will work with you and for you every step of the way, until we win your case! To learn more about accident law, order a free copy of our book, 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Utah Accident Case. Just click on the title to order yours today!


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