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Last Modified: December 28, 2022

Vaginal Mesh Recall Overview for Injured Victims

Published on May 1, 2012 • Last updated December 28, 2022 by Ken Christensen
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Women who suffer from pelvic organ prolapse, known as “POP,” or stress urinary incontinence, known as “SUI,” suffer daily from pain and embarrassment. These conditions, often caused by childbirth and aging, affect many women to one degree or another, but some victims are debilitated by the conditions. For example, there are women who cannot leave the house for fear of “accidents,” or who must wear adult diapers to prevent embarrassing leaks. When vaginal mesh treatments came out, it seemed that for these sufferers, these problems were a thing of the past. These durable medical treatments were designed to solve POP problems by holding the pelvic organs up, reducing pressure on the bladder and relieving SUI symptoms. It seemed that these treatments would be a simple and safe way to give women desired medical options for POP and SUI conditions.

However, the ultimate irony was yet to come. Instead of curing POP and SUI conditions, many vaginal mesh products actually made the problem worse or created new and more serious conditions. Women who had looked with hope to this new medical intervention were doubly crushed—first by the failure of vaginal mesh treatments to cure POP and SUI problems, and second for dealing with repeat surgeries or dangerous side effects.

Transvaginal mesh recall attorneys represent women who have suffered the ill effects of vaginal mesh surgery. Several companies have produced vaginal mesh treatment supplies that not only fail to solve POP and SUI problems but actually have negative side effects, such as absorption into the rectum, vagina, or bladder that can lead to serious infections and other problems. Many women who have had vaginal mesh surgery are forced to undergo a second procedure to correct the problems, leading to more post-operative infections and other life-threatening dangers.

Vaginal mesh recall lawyers are available to help women who have been injured by vaginal mesh surgery. There are options available to these victims not only to collect damages from the companies who placed these dangerous treatments on the market, but also to get medical help for their present condition. These personal injury lawyers have access to a wide body of medical information and healthcare professionals who are ready to help women suffering from the side effects of failed vaginal mesh surgery. Bringing you back to good health is the first priority; after that, a vaginal mesh attorney can discuss ways to collect damages from the companies that manufacture these defective medical products.

Here are two vaginal mesh recall lawyers available to help:


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