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What You Should Know About Motorcycle Accidents

Published on January 25, 2023 • Last updated January 4, 2023 by seoproject
Topics: Motorcycle Accidents, Utah Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, safety is the number one priority for all commuters.  Law enforcement and safety agencies conduct research and analyze statistics in order to make our roads safer.  Traffic authorities use accident statistics to determine the causes of accidents in order to help prevent future occurrences.

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System reported the following statistics that reveal certain motorcycle accident trends:

  • About 50% of all motorcycle fatalities occur after the rider attempts to negotiate a curve.
  • More than 80% of fatal motorcycle accidents occur off paved roadways.
  • 60% of motorcycle fatalities occur during the night.
  • Speeding was associated in over 60% of fatal accidents.