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Last Modified: June 1, 2023

Winter Car Care: Stay Safe in the Snow

Published on December 5, 2016 • Last updated June 1, 2023 by Ken Christensen
Topics: Car Accidents, Car Safety

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Driving is more treacherous when temperatures drop and snow starts falling. This may seem obvious, given the greater chance of sliding on icy roads. However, internal car problems such as mechanical failure are also common during the winter. Fortunately, proper care and maintenance can help make your winter driving experiences safer and more enjoyable. Here are some tips on winter car care to keep everything running smoothly.

Important Winter Car Care Tips

Here are some important car care steps you can take that will make your winter drives safe and comfortable.

  • Check the antifreeze

Make sure that your engine has a sufficient amount of antifreeze to keep it running smoothly in freezing temperatures. Antifreeze that is diluted 50/50 with water is recommended. You can buy pre-diluted bottles at auto shops near you, such as AutoZone.

  • Make sure the heater and defroster are working

These two tools are essential for comfort and visibility in winter. If your defroster cannot effectively clear your windshield of ice and condensation from your windshield, then your visibility decreases dramatically — and your chance of an accident increases.

  • Emergency kit

It is always important to have an emergency kit in your trunk, especially during the winter. Add a warm blanket, a snow shovel, and hand warmers to your kit to be prepared for a break-down or accident.

  • Regular Maintenance

Most winter car care issues can be prevented with regular maintenance. Keep up with oil changes, tire pressure and tread checks, and changing wiper blades. Additionally, get your engine checked if you think there may be any problems. Little problems that may not seem serious during the summer can quickly become dangerous in the winter.

Utah Car Accident Attorneys

We hope you do not experience any car issues during the winter months, and that your drives are safe. However, accidents happen, especially when other drivers do not take the same precautions that you have. Innocent drivers and passengers are injured every day because of careless and reckless drivers. Because of this, we at Good Guys Injury Law dedicated our careers to representing injured car accident victims.

If you are injured in a car accident, please contact us for a free initial consultation today. We will speak with you honestly and openly about your case and its chances for success. We strive to work each day according to our motto: “Service with integrity and compassion when you’ve been injured.”

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