Deseret News reported that the Yellow Dot Program is now launched in Salt Lake County. This is wonderful news for all Utah motorists. The Yellow Dot Program will help communicate medical information about a car accident victim to the first responders who arrive at the scene of the accident.

All Utah residents are therefore encourage to register for the program especially those who have medical conditions. Vital information regarding your health will be placed in the glove compartment of your car. A yellow dot sticker will also be placed your car. Emergency respondents will be alerted by the sticker and they would immediately open the glove box of your car compartment to see your medical records. In this way, the appropriate medical care will be given to you considering already your existing medical condition plus whatever treatment you would need for your injuries from the car accident.

The process is simple. All a person  needs to take a photo of themselves, fill out an emergency medical form, which can be found at, put the Yellow Dot sticker in the lower left corner of their vehicle’s rear window, and put the completed medical information with picture in their glove box. First responders are trained to look there when they see a Yellow Dot sticker.

The Yellow Dot Program is administered by the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Highway Safety Office and is a free service available to all Utahns.

The stations below have everything you need to get started. Pick up your Yellow Dot stickers, photos and packets at any of the following locations:

  • All Salt Lake County Libraries, visit
  • Salt Lake City Library located at 210 East 400 South, SLC
  • Select Fire Stations in Salt Lake County  visit,
  •  Tooele County Health Department 435-277-2457
  • Tooele County Aging Services 435-843-4110
  • Mountain West Medical Center, Tooele 435-843-3600
  • Mountain West Medical Center, Tooele 435-843-3600
  • Grantsville City Hall 435-884-3411
  • Grantsville Senior Center 435-882-6730
  • North Tooele County Fire, Stansbury 435-882-6730
  • Riverdale Police Department 801-394-6616
  • Tremonton, Bear River Valley Hospital, Cindy Fronk 435-207-4578
  • Wendover Ambulance, West Wendover, NV 775-664-2081
  • Weber or Morgan Counties Please contact Kathy Murdock at 801-778-6615 or

The Yellow Dot Program has the potential to save more lives, as medical attention can be tailored to the needs of the victim. It saves time since medical responders would know immediately what to do. In a way, it would be easier to establish if the car accident has worsened your existing medical conditions. With your established baseline data on the number of required treatments or therapy, type of medication used and number of required visits to the hospital, it would be easier for your personal injury lawyer to compare that old medical record with the new one resulting from the car accident.
In any personal injury claim, insurance would try to weakened plaintiff’s defense with pre-existing injury or medical condition, but since the victim must disclose to his personal injury lawyer all pre-existing injuries and medical history, organizing this record through the Yellow Dot Program may help facilitate the process. You can still claim compensation especially if the accident had caused loss income, medical expense and aggravated your conditions. This is the reason why at the onset, a competent personal injury lawyer should be working with you.

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