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Last Modified: December 27, 2022

Preponderance of Evidence

Example Sentence

The “preponderance of evidence” standard is less stringent than the “reasonable doubt” standard reserved for criminal trials; nevertheless, it incentivizes heavy preparation by nature of its competitiveness.

Case Study

When O.J. Simpson was tried for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1995, contradictory evidence (including, famously, an ill-fitting glove) left the jury with a reasonable doubt as to his guilt, and he was acquitted in 4 hours. In 1997, the families of the victims brought a wrongful death claim against Simpson; and the jury found it more likely that Simpson was guilty than not. He was found liable for $8.5 million in damages. While Simpson could not be convicted under the “reasonable doubt” criterion, the preponderance of evidence seemed to indicate his guilt.

Other Important Information

The preponderance of the evidence of principle is specifically required to establish a permanent total disability or severe mental stress according to Utah’s Workers’ Compensation Act, insurance fraud, and product liability.