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Last Modified: November 10, 2021


A lawyer is a person who knows or is “licensed to practice law” (Black’s Law Dictionary). Other names include attorney, counselor, or solicitor.

Example Sentence

Ms. Witt hired a lawyer to help her deal with her complicated legal problem.

Case Study

Mr. Shipp decided he wanted to to consult a lawyer about his case. This process took several steps. First, he called the lawyer’s office. Second, the receptionist asked him several questions to determine if his case is one that the firm would generally take. Since it was and because there were no major conflicts, the receptionist passed the information on to Ms. Mecham, the lawyer. Third, she looked through the information and would decide if she would interview Mr. Shipp. This would help her better know if she should take his case. Fourth, Ms. Mecham would tell him if she would take his case or not. Either way, she would need to formalize this in writing. This ensures that there is no uncertainty about her decision to take his case or not. Once agreed upon, there would then be a formal lawyer-client relationship. Here are some examples of the different forms that you or the lawyer might fill out.

Other Important Information

In every state, Lawyers must pass a state test called the State Bar before they can represent anyone in court. Not all states require lawyers to have attended law school, but most do. They are also held to a Code of Professional Responsibility. If they fail to follow this code, they can potentially be disbarred. This means that they can no longer represent people in court. If the state accuses you of a crime then you usually have a right to counsel, or help from a lawyer. If you cannot afford one, the court will often appoint a lawyer to help you. Lawyers also cannot share anything you share with them unless you give them permission. It does not matter if you hired the lawyer or only spoke to him briefly. The only exception is if the client reveals something illegal that he or she is planning to do. You don’t always need a lawyer with every accident. We at Christensen & Hymas are different because we truly want to help people. If your accident does not require an attorney, we will tell you so! Feel free to call Christensen & Hymas at (801) 506-0800 for a free consultation to know if having a lawyer could benefit you.