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Last Modified: November 18, 2021

Orem Car Accident Police Report

The Provo/Orem area is one of the fastest-growing places in the nation. As more people move and work here, the cities’ roads and highways become more crowded. Congested roads can lead to serious car accidents, which leave victims severely injured and financially vulnerable. If you are injured in a car accident in Provo or Orem, working with an attorney to build an injury case can be an extremely helpful step in the recovery process.

Evidence is essential to any injury case, and car accidents are no different. You can help strengthen your case right away by requesting the police report on your accident.

Car accident reports in Provo and Orem are required by law to “provide sufficient detail” about your crash. A properly written report will identify three general things:

  • Who (or what) caused the crash?
    • Is one driver at fault, or multiple?
  • What were the conditions like?
    • Was the road unsafe for any reason? Was there bad weather?
  • Who was involved? What (and how) were they driving?
    • Was someone driving drunk or distracted? Were they driving an unsafe vehicle or not using their headlights?

These are just some of the questions involved in a car accident report. Your first priority should be contacting the proper authorities in Provo or Orem and requesting a copy for your case.

How to Get Your Provo/Orem Car Accident Report

Car accident reports throughout Utah are confidential and disclosed to the people involved only upon special request. You can request a report yourself, or give an attorney signed permission to do it for you.

You can request a copy of your Utah car accident report by completing a “Government Records Request Form.” You may also search for your report in an online database before requesting it. Since the contents of your report are very important, it can be helpful to review them with your attorney before paying for a copy.

It is also possible to request your report directly from the Provo or Orem police departments. Print and send a request form to the local office, or visit them in-person. This can sometimes be more efficient than requesting records at the state level, but will still cost you money.

It may seem a little odd that you have to pay for your own accident report, but Utah law allows state and city governments to charge for the service. The longer the report, the more expensive it is. At Christensen & Hymas, however, we will take care of any necessary fees while defending your case.

I Have My Report. How Can an Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Car accident reports are useful evidence, but they are often not enough to win a claim. We have experience winning car accident cases in Provo and Orem, and can help you find the necessary facts about your crash.

As we mentioned, we will handle the many different costs that come with filing a claim – like requesting police reports – while we work on winning your case. Getting you what you need is what we care about most. Contact us today for a free and detailed consultation with one of our attorneys.

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