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With distracted driving on the rise, many drivers simply fail to see pedestrians or to consider their safety. In their rush to get to appointments or to beat a red light, drivers often speed through crosswalks, putting pedestrians—those who are most vulnerable on the road—at risk. Accidents involving pedestrians are particularly painful and catastrophic. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a pedestrian accident, you do not have to face the heavy burden of financial and physical recovery on your own.

The attorneys at Christensen & Hymas are here to fight for your rights and to make sure you receive compensation for your medical expenses, your lost wages, and your pain and suffering. Our attorneys personally handle every case we take, serving every client with compassion and integrity.

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What You Should Know About Pedestrian Laws

One in every five pedestrians in hit-and-run accidents die as a result of their injuries. That’s a staggering and sickening statistic. That is why our attorneys have created a hit-and-run rewards program to help protect the rights of pedestrians in our community.

At some point, everyone is a pedestrian. Yet, drivers continue to drive more and more aggressively, ignoring the risk they pose for those without the protection of a car. As a result, over 4,500 pedestrians die and more than 75,000 are injured every year in the United States. In an effort to help reduce these numbers, we’ve created a list of helpful resources to explain the rights, responsibilities, and difficult realities pedestrians face on the road.

Being aware of Utah’s laws for both pedestrians and cars is every commuter’s first line of defense. According to Utah code, it is the pedestrian’s responsibility to use a crosswalk, pedestrian tunnel, or overhead walkway unless there are none within 700 feet. Drivers must always yield to pedestrians who are crossing the street—even if they are doing so illegally.

Pedestrian FAQs

Do pedestrians have to use sidewalks? Do traffic signals also apply to pedestrians? When do pedestrians have the right-of-way? Read the answer to these and other common questions about pedestrian safety.

Utah Pedestrian Accident Resources

The following resources provide safety information, tips, programs, initiatives, and insight into pedestrian accidents and safety:

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Utah Department of Health VIPP
  • Heads Up
  • Zero Fatalities
  • National Pedestrian Crash Report
  • Salt Lake City Utah Accident Book

Pedestrian Accidents by the Numbers

Becoming acquainted with the research for when, where, and how pedestrian accidents most often occur can help pedestrians stay alert and drivers become aware on the road. For example, the US Department of Transportation has found that one-third (33%) of drivers who hit pedestrians did so while turning.

What to Look Out for at Crosswalks

Crosswalks are a common feature to all cities across America, but they do not all look the same. Knowing what to expect from all types of crosswalks as well as how to use and react to them is extremely important. Don’t be caught off-guard, as a pedestrian or motorist.