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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Skiing Accidents at Park City

Have you been hurt in an accident at Park City? We can help!

In Utah, we have the best snow on earth. With the mountains and the beautiful resorts, like Park City, our state is perfect for skiing and snowboarding. But, this does not get rid of the danger. Accidents happen and if they do, we at Christensen and Hymas want you to be prepared and taken care of.

Common Causes For Injury

  • Faulty or poorly maintained equipment
  • Ski lift accidents
  • Collisions with other skiers
  • Collisions with barriers, trees, signs, etc.

Inherent Risks

Because skiing can be dangerous, Utah passed the Inherent Risk of Skiing act, protecting Park City from liability when it comes to the understandable risks that skiing presents. The Skiing Act protects skiing areas if you get hurt under regular circumstances, usually meaning individual accidents. For example, if a skier falls and breaks their arm. The nature of the sport can result in these types of injures, along with others like: whiplash, knee injuries and broken bones. It is these “inherent” and known risks that Park City legally is protected from.

Negligence – A Key Word in Your Case

Skiing, while exciting, presents numerous dangers to you. As stated above, resorts are protected from some liability through the Inherent Risk of Skiing act. But not all accidents occur simply because you were on the slopes. Both Park City and other skiers have a responsibility to make the experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. And if you get hurt because they fail to do so, something isn’t right. Therefore, skiing personal injury cases are always based on the principle of negligence or determining who is the “at fault” party. This means that if you were injured because of someone else’s carelessness you have a case. These accidents can include:

  • Colliding with another skier because they were behaving recklessly.
  • Being injured on a ski-lift because of improper or insufficient maintenance.
  • Colliding with terrain because of improper markings and insufficient maintenance.

You may also have a case if your gear is faulty and caused an accident. If this does happen then you may be eligible for defective product compensation from the company that manufactured it.


Skiing accidents can result in severe injury, ranging from a broken leg to brain damage and paralysis. If you were injured by another skier,  we can likely pursue an insurance claim under that negligent skiier’s home insurance policy.

If we discover that someone was at fault for your accident while skiing, you may be eligible for economic and non-economic compensation. Injuries are accompanied by medical bills, loss of pay and usually emotional damage. Your personal injury case would aim to compensate you for all of this.

If you have been in a skiing accident, please contact us today. We will fight for your case and get you the help you need.