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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the sweeping majority of all fatalities and injuries involve tractor trailer accidents involve pedestrians and passengers in other cars. Was your car damaged, maybe even totaled? Have your expenses and quality of life suffered as a result of the collision? Then get the help you need to stay on top of your bills and insurance claim by calling our office today.

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Trucking Accident Details and Information

The majority of fatal trucking crashes happen in rural areas as opposed to urban areas—and nearly four out of five fatal accidents happens on the weekend. More than a quarter of truck drivers involved in fatal truck crashes admit to prior convictions for speeding or driving recklessly—compared to a fifth of all passenger car drivers involved in fatal crashes.

What common defects set the stage for tractor trailer accident crashes?

The most defect-related tractor trailer mishaps involve failed brakes, bald or otherwise failing tires/wheels, transmission issues, and steering engagement issues.

If you or a family member has been hurt by any tractor trailer crash, who might be liable for damages?

  • The tractor trailer driver
  • The owner of the tractor trailer
  • The driver’s insurance company
  • The owner’s insurance company
  • The state or county responsible for maintaining the roads
  • Other drivers who may have contributed in some way to causing the accident
  • The insurance companies of those other drivers

What damages can you seek in a tractor trailer accident liability suit?

  • Pain and suffering for your injuries
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future wages and business opportunities
  • Reimbursement for medical costs
  • Reimbursement for legal costs
  • Punitive damages in extreme accident cases

Whether a tractor trailer changed lanes suddenly and caused you to crash into a guardrail, or a truck passed you in a dangerous manner and caused you to swerve into another car, you need fast legal assistance with your case. Talk to the personal injury attorneys here at Christensen & Hymas about your legal options. We’re on call at (801) 506-0800. Learn more about how to protect your family against truck accidents as well as what to do if an accident does occur by checking out our resources and learning from our past client’s experience.

Gloria’s Story

On August 19, Gloria was driving along I-15 near Fillmore, Utah where the roadside had been charred by the Milford Flat fire. High winds combined with smoke and dust from the fire resulted in dangerous driving conditions. With limited visibility, Gloria was forced to gradually slow her car. As she came to a stop in traffic, a 40,000-pound semi-truck slammed into the back of her car, leaving her seriously injured. A bystander rushed to give Gloria first-aid, creating a makeshift tourniquet with his belt to stop the intense bleeding until an ambulance arrived. Gloria was transported to Fillmore Hospital, and from there she was life-flighted to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, where she remained a patient for three days. Gloria had worked hard her whole life to maintain a good credit score, but now she wasn’t sure how she could pay her bills and protect her good credit. She had never dealt with an insurance claim before and had several questions. Ultimately, Gloria met with us and—after becoming a client and working closely together—was able to receive a significant settlement without going to trial. Now she has become a great friend and is part of our law firm’s family of satisfied clients. Like Gloria, you may also be suffering from the consequences of a truck accident. We hope that this information will be able to help you understand your rights and obtain the compensation you need so you can begin rebuilding your life.

10 Things You Should Do After a Truck Accident

The first priority after an accident is to ensure your safety and seek medical attention. However, you should also try to collect as much information as possible after an accident, such as the contact information of other drivers and witnesses, the name of the trucking company, the location of the accident, etc. Many of these details are important since they can be a defense against insurance adjusters who might try to minimize your injuries and your claim. Knowing beforehand the best ways to document a trucking accident can save you time, headaches, and confusion in the long run. Read the article above to learn the 10 things you should do after an accident.

What You Need to Know About Trucking Laws

Both federal and state laws are important for trucking accident claims. For example, drivers are only legally required to maintain driving logs for six months, after which they are most often destroyed. Unless a case is dealt with relatively quickly, the logs recording important information about the accident could already be destroyed. To learn more about these laws, click the link above.

Trucking Accident FAQs

Who is at fault for a truck accident, the driver or the trucking company? How is trucking insurance different from regular car insurance? If I was partially responsible for the accident, can I still get compensation? For answers to these and many more commonly asked accident questions, check out our “Truck Accident FAQ” page by clicking the link above.

Trucking Accidents by the Numbers

Did you know that in the United States, a trucker can log a maximum of 70 working hours in a week? Did you also know that every year over 500,000 trucks are involved in accidents? Learn more about the causes and risks of trucking accidents through interesting infographics, facts, and figures.

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