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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Picking Up the Pieces After a Car Accident


salt lake city commuteCar accidents can be incredibly scary to all parties involved when they occur; whether they be simple fender benders or more severe accidents, no one wants to be involved in an accident. There is a large spectrum of advice for individuals who have been in an accident, much of which is inclusive and very detailed, however, it is good to orient yourself with what to do when you are in an accident. Many times you become frazzled and the steps to follow are not as clear, but there are some details that you should always try to follow, no matter the severity of the accident.  The following is a list of suggestions and pages you can navigate to in consideration to picking up the pieces after your accident.

Take Care of Yourself (Medical Care)

Depending on the accident, your level of injury could vary.  Fender benders tend to have less severe injuries, however, simply believing you are okay might not always be the best for yourself. If you feel any amount of injury, you should consult a doctor and seek the appropriate medical care.  You do not want a couple of years to pass and experience vast amounts of pain later in your life. This page details on when you should visit a doctor, why you should visit a doctor, and how not visiting a doctor in the future could influence your personal injury case and your quality of life.

Take Care of Your Car

After you have taken care of yourself it is equally important to take care of your car. Your car may have also experienced a variety of injuries, and getting it to the appropriate mechanic is equally important in the accident process.  Not all accidents leave all cars totaled, and the quicker you can evaluate the damage to your car, the quicker you will be able to utilize it again as you get back on your feet.  Additionally, it is good to know the options you have for getting your car into the shop and  what mechanics typically look for after car accidents.  Specifically, this page details information on towing procedures after an accident, general information on mechanic shops, and what to do if you car is totaled.

Take Care of  Your Finances and Claims

An accident can put a huge strain on your finances, which can subsequently restrict your ability to be patient during your claims, not to mention the financial control of your claim.  Damages to your car or even you yourself might put strain on your finances temporarily while your claim is processed.  If you are injured you might also be temporarily out of work, and paying your bills could be difficult.  Claims can also be equally stressful due to the back and forth arguments which can commence between insurances companies.  This page details general information on filing claims, what to expect financially after an accident, and how to secure your financial future through claims and adjustment of budgets.

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