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Last Modified: March 23, 2023

What To Do When Hit By An Uninsured Driver

Car crash in intersectionAnytime you drive on the road you run the risk of being hit or implicated in an accident.  Most individuals understand the things that they need to do when hit or implicated in an accident; a call to the police, an exchange of insurance, and the necessary repairs if needed. However, what do you do when you have been hit by an uninsured driver?  The first thing you should do is not panic that you are never getting your money or your car fixed, for this is not always what happens when you are hit by an uninsured driver. Our Utah car accident attorneys provided the following list of options for a driver who has been hit, and alternative options you as the victim has in an accident situation.

Options for Drivers Who Have Been Hit

If you have been hit by an uninsured driver you have a couple of different options to consider.  Depending on the state you are located in there are two options for receiving compensation for damages; tort law or no-fault law. Utah is considered a no-fault state meaning that your insurance will always pay for the damages you suffer.  This system is meant to protect you and help lower legal costs; however it can raise your rates if you cause the accident.  Because Utah is a no-fault state you will automatically not have to pay out of pocket expenses for the damages you have suffered. All you will need to do is file a claim with your insurance for the physical damages.  If you have sustained prominent medical issues you might need to look into contacting a lawyer, because your health insurance will pay for your medical care, however, they will not pay for your pain, quality of life, or loss of time off from work or your job. In some cases contributory negligence could factor into the accident, and however much negligence you are found to be held at, will be the amount the insurance will pay. For example if you are found 34% liable the insurance will only pay 34% of damages. It is important to get the correct information from the uninsured driver so legal proceedings can be accurate if you have to seek legal advice.

Alternative Options for Drivers Who Have Been Hit

If you have been hit there is always the alternative option of seeking legal counsel to help pay for your pain and damages. In Utah, the insurance company will help you pay for the accident, but they may not be as willing to help you or cooperative at all.  Additionally, the insurance company will not pay for your pain and suffering so it may be appropriate to seek legal consultation. Good Guys Injury Law serves those who have been injured and receive unfair compensation for their pain and suffering.  We offer free consultations to those who have been injured so they can stop suffering from their mounting medical bills. If you find yourself in this situation with an uninsured motorist, call us right away at 801-506-0800. To read more, visit our article on uninsured motorist accidents.

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