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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

How to Get a Utah Police Report

How to Get and Read a Utah Accident Police Report

Our law firm represents people who have been injured from someone else’s negligence. The majority of our clients have been injured in car accidents throughout the State of Utah. The first step in investigating your case is to get the police traffic accident report.

After a crash, the police officer on scene will provide you with a Driver’s Exchange Form. This document lists each driver’s contact and car insurance information, but this is not the officer’s full accident police report. You need to get the full police report.

How Can I Get a Car Accident Report from the Police?

At Christensen & Hymas we will request the police report for you, or you can find the police department’s phone number and your case number in the Driver’s Exchange Form and request the report – it typically costs $10.

You Can Request A Police Report Here:
Utah Highway Patrol
Salt Lake PD
West Valley City PD
Ogden PD
Sandy City PD
Orem City PD
Provo City PD

What’s Inside a Utah Accident Report?

  • Name, address, age, and phone numbers for all parties and passengers
  • The parties car insurance information
  • Witnesses name and phone number
  • Police officer’s diagram and explanation of how the accident occurred
  • Any injuries noted at the scene
  • Citations that were issued by the police officer

What Do the Numbers Mean On the Side of the Police Report?

When you receive a complete accident police report, you will notice that there are numbers and boxes on the left and right margins of the page. These boxes contain valuable information about your accident, but you will need a “key” or “legend” to interpret the meaning of these numbers. Click here to download the police report key so you can understand the entire accident report.

Call Us Today and We Will Get the Police Report for You

At Christensen & Hymas we will request the full police report, 911 calls, witness statements and photographs for your case. We also deal with the insurance company so you can focus on healing. You will never get another phone call from an insurance Adjustor after you hire our law firm. We will handle everything for you. We work on a contingency fee agreement, meaning that we will never send you a bill for our costs or attorney’s fees. We only get paid after we win you case. Call us at 801-506-0800 to speak with our Utah car crash attorneys today.

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