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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Child Safety Coloring Books


Car_Seat_Safety_Coloring_Book_Cover_Page_01Teaching kids about safety in and around cars can sometimes be difficult. They might not be able to understand the terminology, but they will understand pictures. This is the reason we created a coloring book focused on child car safety. It is a fun and interactive way for children to learn about car safety. One of the many things the book teaches children is that it is not safe to be in a car seat that is too big or too little for them. If their weight or height does not align with the requirements stated by the manufacturer, they will not be properly restrained. This increases the risk of severely injuring the child in the event of a car accident. Additionally, they will learn how to be safe while crossing the road and to watch for cars backing out in the parking lot. Kids will learn about traffic signs and to be quiet in the car so they don’t distract the parent who is driving. All of these lessons are taught through simple narratives and fun pictures for kids to color. Another great resource is the included appendix to the coloring book, which gives parents useful statistics and requirements for child car seat safety. These two pages are extremely important for parents to understand what they need to do, and also what to pay attention to when buckling in their child. The highways of America are easily the most dangerous place a parent can take their child, according to Jim Hall of the National Transportation Safety Board (read more here). The lessons learned by kids and parents alike may seem simple, but they can mean the difference between life and death. Cars are great machines, but as with any machine, safety is paramount. Helping a child understand the importance of car safety at an early age will help them be aware of car safety issues in the future. We hope you and your child enjoy learning about car safety in a fun way with our coloring book. Color copy of “Josh Gets a New Carseat” Black and white copy of “Josh Gets a New Carseat” (for printing).

Image courtesy of Christensen & Hymas.

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