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Last Modified: June 1, 2023

Parent’s Guide To Child Safety

parent holding their child's hand to ensure safetySome would say that accidents are hard to predict and often can’t be avoided. This may be true, to some degree, but some accidents can be prevented if people are willing to be proactive in safety measures, especially when talking about children’s safety. Teaching your children safe practices, can help them be safe and give you peace of mind that they are being safe when not in view. That being said, we have put together safety guides for children that parents can use in ensuring safety of their children inside the house, in the playground, in the streets, in school, on the school bus, and around dogs and other animals. Unfortunately, these are common places that accidents happen that involve children. Although we are shocked by the increasing rate of accidents involving children, we cannot deny the fact that accidents do happen. You will find the following articles in our website. Feel free to visit and use our resources. We hope that these safety topics will be of value to you. Our Utah child injury attorney have selected these topics because we believe these encompass the safety issues involving children.

Child Car Safety

Read about safety tips on car seats, boosters, seat belts, and airbags reminders. Learn how you can ensure your children’s safety when traveling in vehicles.

Child Bicycle Safety

When children ride their bike, they can develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and get the exercise that kids need. Good Guys Injury Law offers free book on bicycle accidents and the laws that bicycles must follow that parents should be teaching their children about to stay safe when riding on the road.

Child Dog and Animal Safety

Dogs and animals can sometimes be unpredictable and teaching children how to act towards animals is very important to ensure their safety. Good Guys Injury Law offers a book titled “The Utah Dog Bite & Animal Attack Handbook” in order to help educate Utah residents about their legal rights if they have suffered from a dog bite or animal attack. To request for a free copy, click here.

Child Pedestrian Safety

Learn the things that parents need to be teaching children about the use of sidewalks, crosswalks, and intersection crossings.

Child Home Safety

Read how you can make your home a safer place for your kids.

Child School & Bus Safety

Educate yourself and children about how to be safe while at school, being around and riding school buses, and some tips to keep your child safe. Do not learn safety from an accident, because then it will be too late. Being proactive to prevent accidents by learning proper safety measures, you can help your child’s safety. Feel free to share what you’ve learned to other parents because the more parents know how they can prevent accidents, the safer more children are.

Photo “parent and child” copyright by skyseeker.

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