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Utah Construction Accident Attorney

Utah construction accident attorney

Construction sites buzz with activity, making them both productive and potentially dangerous places. Accidents can occur even with strict safety guidelines. At Good Guys Injury Law, we are your reliable partner in navigating Utah’s complex maze of construction accidents.

A construction site has its fair share of risks. Our construction accident lawyers are proud to advocate for injured workers everywhere. Always seek medical care first. Then, before you call the insurance company, let us discuss your construction accident case with you.

Learn more about our services below. Then, schedule a case consultation with our Utah construction accident attorneys.

You Deserve an Experienced and Dedicated Utah Construction Accident Attorney To Review Your Case

You deserved an experienced and dedicated Utah construction accident attorney

Construction accidents need thorough investigation and legal expertise. A professional touch ensures victims get the justice and maximum compensation they deserve. That’s where Good Guys Injury Law steps in.

  • Investigation of the Accident: We dive deep into the circumstances of your accident. Identifying every detail can make a difference in your claim.
  • Determining Liability: It’s not always clear who’s at fault. We analyze every angle, ensuring responsible parties are identified.
  • Gathering Evidence: Solid evidence strengthens your case. We collect relevant documents, photographs, and witness testimonies.
  • Communication With Insurance Companies: Dealing with insurers can be tricky. We communicate on your behalf, ensuring your rights remain protected.
  • Filing Legal Claims and Lawsuits: We prepare and file all necessary legal documents. Our goal is to streamline the process for you.
  • Negotiating Settlements: Not every case goes to court. We negotiate with a focus on securing the best possible settlement for you.
  • Representing Clients in Court: If your case heads to trial, we stand by your side, representing you with vigor.

Construction accidents are complex, but with Good Guys Injury Law, you have a team dedicated to your cause. We offer expertise, commitment, and a personal touch to ensure your voice gets heard. Let our law firm discuss filing a personal injury lawsuit for you to cover your medical expenses.

OSHA Safety Regulations in Utah

In Utah, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety regulations are the gold standard for construction sites. These rules protect workers from potential hazards and maintain a safe working environment. However, despite these stringent measures, accidents still occur. Awareness of these regulations and your rights as a worker is essential.

Good Guys Injury Law stays updated with all OSHA guidelines. We use this knowledge to help clients when safety protocols are breached. Understanding these rules can often be the key to establishing liability. If you believe your accident resulted from a violation, our team is here to help.

We Handle All Utah Construction Accident Injury Cases

We handle all Utah construction accident injury cases

In the bustling world of construction, myriad accidents can occur. We’ve dealt with a vast spectrum, ensuring justice for our clients.

Falls From Heights

Falls from significant heights, such as rooftops or ladders, are prevalent on construction sites. These falls often lead to grave injuries or can even be deadly. Employers must ensure workers are equipped with the necessary safety gear and training. Failure to provide these essentials means the accountable parties must face the consequences.

Scaffolding Collapses

Stable scaffolding is a fundamental requirement at construction sites. However, when they fall apart, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic. Such collapses are usually due to improper assembly or overburdening of the structure. Determining the cause is crucial to hold the proper parties responsible.

Crane Accidents

Cranes are towering equipment essential for many construction tasks. But with their utility comes the risk of malfunctions, structural collapses, or mishaps like dropping heavy objects. Understanding the root of these accidents helps in holding the proper entities accountable. The emphasis is always on ensuring safety protocols are adhered to.


The danger of exposed electrical wires or faulty equipment leading to electrocutions is ever-present on construction sites. These electric shocks can inflict long-term health issues or be fatal. It is the responsibility of employers and site managers to guarantee electrical safety. Any lapse in this can lead to severe legal ramifications.

Caught-In/Between Accidents

Construction sites brim with heavy machinery, and there’s always a risk of workers getting trapped in or between them. Injuries from such incidents can be incredibly severe, even leading to fatalities. Ensuring workers receive adequate training and follow safety measures is paramount. Any oversight can lead to dire consequences for the responsible parties.

Falling Objects

Safety helmets are essential, but they aren’t a guarantee against injuries from falling objects. The injuries can be traumatic when items drop from above, especially if not adequately secured. The critical concern is establishing why proper safety measures weren’t in place. Negligence in such situations can lead to strict legal actions.

Equipment Failures

Machinery is meant to aid construction work, not pose additional hazards. However, when these machines malfunction or fail, the aftermath can be disastrous. All equipment must undergo regular checks and maintenance. Ignoring such procedures can be a recipe for legal trouble.

Common Causes of Utah Construction Accidents

Construction sites are hives of activity, making them prone to accidents. Some leading causes include:

  • Inadequate Training: Proper training is the backbone of safety in construction sites. Without it, workers might not know the correct procedures to handle equipment or deal with potential hazards. This lack of training and knowledge can increase the risk of mishaps. This puts both the untrained individual and their colleagues in danger.
  • Lack of Safety Equipment: Safety equipment is the first line of defense against potential accidents. These tools are designed to minimize injuries, whether helmets, safety harnesses, or goggles. When employers fail to provide these essentials, minor accidents can escalate. They could lead to severe injuries or even fatalities.
  • Poor Site Management: Effective site management ensures every worker knows their role. It also keeps the flow of operations smooth. However, when a site is poorly managed, it can become chaotic, increasing the chances of oversights or mistakes. This disorder threatens the completion timeline and amplifies the risks of accidents.
  • Defective Equipment: Construction equipment undergoes tremendous stress daily. Scheduled inspections and maintenance are critical to ensure that all machinery functions as intended. Using defective or worn-out equipment can lead to malfunctions. It can pose grave dangers to operators and other workers nearby.
  • Communication Breakdown: Clear and consistent communication forms the bedrock of safety in collaborative environments. This includes construction sites. If instructions are misunderstood or not communicated at all, workers can inadvertently place themselves or others in harm’s way. Thus, ensuring channels of communication are always open and transparent is vital to prevent mishaps.
  • Neglecting Safety Protocols: Safety protocols are put in place based on past experiences. They are designed to mitigate the inherent risks of construction work. Ignoring or bypassing these set guidelines doesn’t just risk immediate injury but also sets a dangerous precedent for overall safety culture. Such neglect can lead to recurring accidents, jeopardizing both workers’ well-being and the project’s success.

Accidents happen, but many are avoidable. When corners are cut, and safety gets compromised, the workers pay the price.

Injuries You Can Sustain From Utah Construction Accidents

Injuries you can sustain from Utah construction accident

The physical impact of construction accidents can range from mild to severe.

  • Cuts and Lacerations: Construction sites are filled with sharp tools and materials that can easily cause cuts and lacerations. While some of these wounds may appear minor initially, they can become gateways for infections if not treated properly.
  • Broken Bones: The nature of construction work means that falling from heights or being struck by heavy objects is common. Such incidents often result in broken bones, requiring immediate medical attention and potentially long recovery times.
  • Burns: Construction workers are sometimes exposed to live wires or hazardous chemicals. Without the proper protective equipment, such encounters can result in severe burns that necessitate intensive care.
  • Concussions: Accidents that lead to blows to the head, such as falling objects, can cause concussions. These traumatic brain injuries need prompt treatment, as their repercussions can affect an individual’s cognitive functions long-term.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Whether due to a fall from a significant height or a direct heavy impact, spinal cord injuries are a grave concern on construction sites. Damage to the spine can be life-altering, with victims sometimes facing paralysis or reduced mobility.
  • Amputations: In extreme situations, especially involving heavy machinery or severe accidents, workers might suffer grave injuries that lead to the amputation of limbs. Such traumatic events change not only the course of a person’s life and their ability to continue in their profession.

The impact of these injuries can change a person’s life. Besides the physical pain, there’s the emotional trauma and financial burden.

Steps You Need To Take After a Utah Construction Accident

Steps you need to take after a Utah construction accident

If you’re involved in a construction accident, acting promptly is crucial.

  • Seek Medical Attention: Your health must always come first. Get a thorough check-up, even if you feel okay.
  • Report the Accident: Notify your supervisor or site manager immediately. It’s crucial for documentation and to establish a record of your injuries.
  • Preserve Evidence: Photos, videos, or any other evidence can be vital later. Keep everything intact, and bring it to your consultation.
  • Document the Incident: Write down every detail while it’s fresh in your mind. This can help in investigations.
  • Consult With a Construction Accident Lawyer: Professional guidance can make a substantial difference in the final result of your claim.

Remember, every step you take can influence the outcome of any potential legal proceedings.

Liable Parties in a Construction Accident in Utah

Liable parties in a construction accident in Utah

Determining liability is essential in construction accidents. Here’s a look at potential culprits:


Subcontractors are assigned specific tasks on construction sites, from electrical work to masonry. If they neglect safety protocols or don’t conduct their duties responsibly, they can be held directly liable for any accidents or injuries. Their oversight or shortcuts can have dire consequences for the entire project and its workers.

Equipment Manufacturers

Construction relies heavily on equipment, and each piece must function reliably and safely. If a part of machinery malfunctions due to a manufacturer’s defect, the equipment makers could be held accountable. It’s their responsibility to ensure every product released meets safety and operational standards.

Other Employees

On a bustling construction site, everyone must work together cohesively. However, if an accident occurs due to another employee’s negligence or oversight, that individual might bear responsibility. Their actions, whether intentional or out of carelessness, can put the entire team in danger.

Delivery Vehicles

Delivering materials to construction sites requires precision and adherence to safety protocols. If a delivery vehicle plays a role in the accident on or near the site, either due to negligence or a violation of rules, the driver or the associated company might be held liable. Proper training and attentiveness are crucial to prevent such incidents.

Statute of Limitations for a Construction Accident Claim in Utah

In Utah, you have a limited time to file a claim after a construction accident. This period, known as the statute of limitations, typically spans four years from the date of the accident. It’s crucial to act promptly. Delays could risk your chance at compensation.

Compensatory Damages You Can Recover Through a Personal Injury Claim

Victims of construction accidents face not only physical pain but also financial burdens.

  • Medical Bills: The cost of treatment, surgeries, or therapy can mount quickly. Damages could cover your medical expenses.
  • Lost Wages: You might lose your income if you cannot work. We can pursue damages to replace those lost wages.
  • Property Damage: Tools or personal items damaged in the accident can be claimed. A settlement could cover the cost of property damage.
  • Pain and Suffering: It’s not just about the physical injuries but the emotional trauma. While more challenging to quantify, we can pursue compensation for your pain and suffering.
  • Future Medical Bills: Some long-term treatments might lead to future expenses. We can pursue compensation for those expenses.

Understanding the kind of damages you can claim ensures you’re adequately compensated.

We Can Help You Get the Money You Deserve | Contact Our Utah Construction Attorney at Good Guys Injury Law Today

We can help you get the money you deserve contact our Utah construction accident attorney

Construction accidents can be overwhelming, both physically and emotionally. The financial implications only add to the stress. Thats where the skilled Utah Construction Accidents Attorneys at Good Guy Injury Law steps in. With our expertise, we aim to simplify the legal process, ensuring victims receive the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Don’t navigate the complex legal waters alone. With us by your side, you have a passionate and dedicated team fighting for your rights. Contact Good Guys Injury Law today. Let’s work together to secure your future.