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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Utah Dog Bite Laws

Each year, nearly five million people are bit by a dog in the U.S. These injuries can be traumatic and cause long-term problems. Medical bills can pile up. Unless you know what to do, you may end up paying for all of them. We at Good Guys Injury Law want to help you avoid more problems and worries after you or a loved one is bit by a dog. This page will inform you of the basic laws surrounding dog bites in Utah. While we cannot give you specific legal advice unless you hire us, this page will give you a simple overview of Utah’s laws on dog bites.

Who Is Legally Responsible for a Dog Bite in Utah?

According to Utah law (Utah Code 18-1-1), the owner is nearly always legally responsible for any injuries the dog causes. The only exception applies to dogs used by police officers. Under Utah law, the injured person does not need to prove that the dog was vicious or that the owner knew the dog was vicious. While some states do not hold owners responsible until the dog’s second bite, Utah holds owners responsible from the very first bite. 

However, just because a dog bit someone does not mean the owner must automatically pay for the injuries. Utah compares the fault of the owner to the fault of the injured person. A person cannot intentionally provoke a dog and then blame the owner for the injury. Joint liability may apply if there are multiple dogs involved in the attack.

Utah Dog Bite and Attack Legal Handbook

A dog owner is generally liable for the actions of their dog. They may not be liable if the victim provokes or teases the dog before the attack. If you are a dog owner, you need to realize your responsibility for your dog. If a dog attacks another animal, a person can injure or kill that dog without legally getting in trouble.

If you want to understand more about dog bites and attacks, feel free to request our free book on this subject. It will help you avoid eight common mistakes injured people make as they deal with the legal claim. It also includes testimonials from our clients on how we helped them with their dog bite cases.

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