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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Utah Drunk Driving FAQS

What is a DUI?

A DUI stands for driving under the influence. This means you have an excess of alcohol in your system that is more than the legal limit for your state.  The limit for the state of Utah is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08.

What happens if you refuse to take a Blood Alcohol Test?utah dui laws

In the state of Utah, if you refuse to take a Blood Alcohol Test which is a chemical test, you will be subject to a fine and automatic license suspension because Utah has a policy of implied consent, meaning the general public has agreed to automatically consent to such tests. If you have hit someone this can be perceived negatively in court and will make life more difficult for those you have injured.

What happens when a drunk driver hits you?

Drunk drivers are a top priority to Utah Highway patrolman due to the high amounts of damage they create.  If a drunk driver hits you, you are entitled to compensation and pressing of criminal charges.  If you are in the midst of the accident call 911 right away so the authorities can help both of you and give you the proper medical attention. You may file a claim which will be straight forward and against the drunk driver. You can also contact our Utah drunk driving accident attorney to get assistance through the legal process.

What penalties will you face if you drive drunk?

The fines vary according to the amount of times you have received a DUI.  You can expect a substantial fine and possibly some jail time for the first and second time of apprehension.  If you have caused an accident and others have received significant injury you will face more charges and more fines.

What types of support is there for those who have been injured by drunk drivers?

There are many different types of support groups available to those and their loved ones who have been injured by drunk drivers. Those who are seeking medical supervision will usually be contacted by hospital staff to help them heal and regain use of their limbs via physical therapy.  For the loved ones there are several groups, both nationally and locally to help you through what you are experiencing.

Do drunk drivers cause crashes often?

It depends on a lot of factors.  Cities tend to have more drunk driver crashes than in the suburbs or rural areas.  Additionally, rates of drunk driver accidents vary.  The truth of the matter is, there are drunk drivers on the road, possibly more than you think. Do not assume that every driver is driving responsible or is aware/scared of the consequences of driving drunk.

What options do I have if I have been hit by a drunk driver?

You have the option of working strictly through your insurance companies or hiring a lawyer to help you through this trying time.  We here at Christensen & Hymas offer free confidential consultations which look to aid you through this sometimes difficult process. If you have been injured feel free to call us to schedule an appointment at 801-506-0800.

Image “Drunk Driving Among US College Students Still at an Alarming Rate” copyright by James Palinsad.

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