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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Commercial Trucking Accident Case Details And Information

The majority of fatal trucking crashes happen in rural areas. Nearly four out of five fatal accidents happen on the weekend. More than a quarter of truck drivers involved in fatal truck crashes have prior convictions for speeding or driving recklessly—compared to a fifth of all passenger car drivers involved in fatal crashes.

What Common Defects Set the Stage for Tractor Trailer Accident Crashes?

Most defect-related tractor-trailer mishaps involve failed brakes, bald or otherwise failing tires and wheels, transmission issues, and steering engagement issues.

commercial truck driving at night and not getting sleep

If You or a Family Member Has Been Hurt by a Tractor Trailer Crash, Who Might Be Liable for Damages?

  • The driver
  • Owners of the tractor-trailer
  • The insurance company for the victim
  • The insurance company for the truck owner
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • A state or county responsible for maintaining the roads
  • Other drivers who may have contributed to the accident
  • Insurance companies of those other drivers