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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

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Not every personal injury case is best settled with a personal injury attorney.  Some injuries are minor, and some (rare) settlement offers are fair.  However, wrongful death cases are among those more likely to hatch complications for claimants, as funeral expenses are high, laws surrounding these claims are complex, and reputations are on the line.  A wrongful death places more than a monetary burden on the shoulders of the defendant and their insurance provider, and disputations of fact are more likely in such instances. Where there is a wrongful death, there is an expectation of conflict. This conflict does not have to scar the survivors of a devastating loss. When conditions become truly distressing, a legal representative poised to negotiate directly with insurance companies can remove much of the hardship of a wrongful death case. If any of the following resembles your situation, you may benefit from a lawyer.

4 Signs that You Should Retain a Wrongful Death Attorney

1.  The fatal accident involved an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Approximately 8% of Utah drivers in 2009 were uninsured, according to the Insurance Information Institute.  This not only puts that 8% at risk for deprivation in the event of an accident; it leaves open the possibility that anyone harmed by their negligence will face serious difficulties in obtaining enough compensation for recovery. The victims of an uninsured or underinsured motorist accident may be led to believe that their resources for recovery are limited to the other driver’s insurance provider, but this often is not the case.  When your own insurer insists that an insufficient sum is the best they can offer, an attorney can tell you whether this is really so.

2.  The deceased accrued substantial medical expenses before death.

The greater the cost of a fatal accident, the more an insurance company will hunt for ways to whittle down at their settlement offer.  When the demise is preceded by a long period of bed rest or costly treatments, insurers have a greater incentive to narrow their coverage.  They may attempt to settle quickly before the dust has settled and the true price of the accident is clear.  If you feel you are being rushed through a settlement, there’s probably more to it than meets the eye.

3.  There is a dispute over fault.

Contentions have an uncanny way of slowing down the settlement process—no one wants to make an offer when the wind could change.  An experienced lawyer who knows how to interpret the evidence and argues convincingly for their client can tip the scales in favor of the wrongful death survivors when negotiations come to a standstill.

4.  Your claim is being held up.

When the bills start pouring in, few things are more frustrating than a snail’s-pace claim.  If your insurance adjuster takes so long to respond that you have concerns about the statute of limitations expiring, and consultation with your state’s insurance department has not greased the wheels, you may require an attorney to determine whether something is afoot.  Delaying a claim is not an uncommon way for insurance companies to short their clients; don’t let it happen to you. Whether your experiences dealing with insurance providers have convinced you that you need legal representation or you would simply like to learn more, Christensen & Hymas grants free interviews to the survivors of wrongful deaths.  To explore your options, call (801) 506-0800. Image courtesy of Pixabay

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